HasKings Earning Summary (Sep 26, 2021)

Hello everyone! Welcome to todays earning summary for the blockchain game "HashKings".

Seed Choices

After analyzing seed prices on NFTMart i settled on the following for this week:

  • Columbian Gold
  • Acapulgo Gold
  • Afghani
  • Swazi Gold
  • Lambs Bread


Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 11.34.05 AM.jpg


Todays harvest was fantastic! Given the highest bid price for bud on Hive.Engine (0.00115), I profited a total of +7.64 HIVE today.

In other words, I made a 20% ROI from the Hive spent on the seeds.

Nonetheless, if you want to check out HashKings, it's a really fun game. Compared to most other blockchain games, HashKing has a pretty good ROI, and you get to grow pot!

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