Finally I Got Good Daily Rewards on Splinterlands

I have been playing Splinterlands for 5 years. Even we are in bearish season for crypto and Splinterlands, I am trying to play this game for fun and get rewards.

I remember that I could get more than 30 USD in daily rewards in Splinterlands. When we are in bearish season, it is impossible to see this rewards..

Bearish seasons are for building. I am picking up more cards and rewards in Splinterlands during bearish season with discounted prices..

Today I got my one of the best rewards during bearish season. Here you can see my daily rewards..

I got 1 Chaos Legion Pack, more than 120 Staked SPS, 4 Rare Cards and 15 Common Cards. Even I opened this rewards in Gold II League, Total value of this rewards is about 4 USD. It is amazing during bearish season..

My Splinterlands account value is going up thanks to these rewards.. 4800 USD was the bottom during bearish season. I remember that I saw 40000 USD in 2021.

Cards values are on the bottom in Splinterlands. I may be time to pick up and increase the power of team to get more rewards by league up..

We will see..

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