SPS-BNB Pool Released in CubFinance - What is Best Investment for SPS?


The number of Splinterlands users is increasing day by day. The airdrop, which will last for 1 year, and the staking distribution, which will last for 4 years, are distributed to users.

Some of users add staking to their daily airdrop, some of them adding liquidty pools, some of them is also selling and buying DEC to invest.

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Yesterday CubDefi starting to deploy an SPS-BNB Kingdom! It is a pool that you can get CUB rewards by flowing liqiudity to pool after SPS-BNB pool ended to generate CAKE farming rewards on PCS. It will be new way to earn money by holding SPS.

What is Best Investment for SPS?
Economy mechanism of the game is changing day by day. There are lots of ways to earn money by holding SPS...

It is simple way for passive SPS income.. You can get 0,22% in a day by staking SPS. It means, If you stake 1000 SPS, you can earn 2,2 SPS!

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-Selling SPS and Buying DEC for Holding:
It should be for long-term investing. Some people are selling their daily earned SPS and buying DEC to increase their Airdrop point. But Airdrop will be endded after earlier than 10 months.. If you hold DEC for selling 1000 SPS (580USD) It is equal to 67K DEC. You can get 8,8 SPS by daily Airdrop for 10 months.. It means 287,59% DEC APR from SPS airdrop.

It is releated to total system airdrop points. It changes your earnings...

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-Adding Liquidity to Tribaldex
If you hold DEC for your airdrop point and SPS for stake, this is important for you. Some people add their idle DEC and SPS to Tribaldex and get 2x airdrop point for DEC. This part is a bit complicated.

If you add DEC:SPS pool and DEC price goes higher than SPS, It will be double income for you when you remove your liqiudity. If you do this this may be more profitable than ''Selling SPS and Buying DEC for Holding''

If SPS price goes higher than DEC, You will lose some of your SPS when you remove your liqiudity..

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-Adding Liquidity to CubFinance SPS-BNB Kingdom:
It is the newest way. You can earn CUB by adding SPS and equal valued BNB on SPS-BNB Kingdom. Farm total APY is 105,79% now and It may be changed in future... It includes your CUB earnings by holding SPS-BNB and CUB holding... This method is a bit risky. If the BNB price is stronger than the SPS, your BNB count may decrease as you break the pool.

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It is the simplest way.. Sell higher, buy lower...

I see crypto as a financial game. I try to manage my portfolio by calculating every day with a calculator.
Many of these methods require it. Especially Pools...

I hope this post has provided ideas for your portfolio management.

What are you doing to increase the amount of SPS?

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