[Live] I Just Can't Keep Playing Splinterlands

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Game (Category): Splinterlands

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7 Months Ago...

When I first started playing Splinterlands I thought the Play-to-Earn concept was amazing, but in all reality, I have learned that it is Pay-to-Earn. The gameplay does not separate players by skill but rather by types of cards, and card levels. The beginning player with the basic deck does not have a chance actually winning.

Game Play Requires Too Many Hours

Learning the game and where and when to use which cards require many hours of study and practice every single day. Not to mention that the game is constantly changing the earning rules making it even harder for beginner players to earn anything.

Yes after seven months I am still struggling at the Bronze levels. The rules for earning keep changing as well. I know there are people that are heavily invested, and they are making money daily with the game but not really from player rewards but rather through renting and selling of their cards.

After All, This is Just Another Trading Card Game

The biggest problem with Play-to-earn games on the Blockchain is they are NFT-based games that equate to a trading card game on a video platform. For my game playing time, I would rather engage in a First Person Shooter or a MMORPG. I will be actively looking for another Play-to-Earn game to fill the void so I am open to suggestions, just no more trading card games :-D

Thank you all for your time.

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