Splinterlands Art Contest Week 224 - Tenyii Striker!


Hello, Alien Art Hive!

I have been seeing posts and drawings from @maxwellmarcusart joining the Splinterlands Art Contests in his blogs. And I thanked him for that because it motivated me to try and make my own version of the amazing characters of the game.

Now, I am happy and proud to share my very first Splinterlands Fanart. The making of this artwork is a challenging one because I based it from two references. I never tried mixing up two references into one before, and I am glad and proud that I was able to make it now because of this weekly contest. Maybe, this is just beginners luck or maybe I really efforted in this one.


Tenyii Striker

Reference 1 x Reference 2

I chose to paint Tenyii Striker among the rest because this character caught my eyes first. I know nothing of the game but I think this character is a good performer, he looks like a deadly assasin or a good fighter. I like the angry-look on his face on the original splinterlands art because it seems like he is ready to kill anytime.

But in my painting, I want to make him look like a charming bachelor or to make him a pretty-looking fighter just like the main characters in movies.

So, without further ado, here is the process of creating this artwork! I hope you will like this art piece. If you have any thoughts about this art, or anything related, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section. Enjoy!

The Process

If you prefer the video timelapse of the process, you may click the #3speak video.

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  • The first thing that I did was to sketch the whole subject. I used grids or drawing guides in the procreate app. In making this sketch, I used the first reference in creating the character's pose and form. I do not want him to be overly muscular because I think of him as an assassin who moves so quickly like ninjas.


  • I proceeded to paint the face and hair carefully using brushes I bought online. I was happy of the results because Tenyii Striker turned out to be charming despite the fierce in his eyes. I did not forget to add the nose rings which can be seen in original cards.


  • Then, I started working on his fighting suit. I think I should have worked more on the left arm to make it more realistic. I also tried my best to copy the suit of Tenyii Striker. I use the dropper tool in procreate to copy the color, but this was what I got (but I think the color combination looks cute).


  • I added more elements and details on the suit to make it more beautiful and convincing. I really used my imagination to be able to come up with this.


  • I also painted the lower part of the pants using a blue-wave design. I liked how this one turned out. It makes the whole suit look connected and one.


  • Next step was to add the belt which looks like a rope. I did not exactly want this one to be added because it looks awkward but since the original Tenyii Striker has this one. I had to put it here also.


  • After that, I painted the bench where Tenyii Striker is seated. I originally planned to make him sit on a Prince Throne but I changed my mind and decided to keep it simple and not complicated.


  • I did not like how the boots designs turned out so I changed the design. Doing this part of the painting was very challenging because this part of the body is not included in the original splinterland character. I also started adding his sword here.


  • I designed his sword to be like a flame or torch in the handle. I wanted to have a personal touch in this fanart also. I also added a helmet here because that is an important gear for a warrior and since the other reference was also holding a helmet.


  • Then I added the background, I wanted to make a flame backgound because I thing that is the theme of this art. I did it by using black, red, red orange, orange, and yellow. Then I blended all of these colors.


  • Finally, I duplicated the whole painting of the subject and turned it to a solid black to make a shadow effect. As for me, I really like how this looks at the end. Although, I had no experience in mixing up the elements in two references, I was still able to cope up with this. That is a win!


  • I really hope that you like this one too! Please feel free to share your thoughts! I would greatly appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for dropping by. 😊

Final Output



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