NFT market guide Splinterlands / Funko Pop & Blockchain Game guide(s)


Todays write up will cover aspects of Splinterlands, Funko Pop, Gnomes, & Zombie coin miner NFT collections. Both market & game guides for the aforementioned collections will be highlighted.

As in every post I do todays has an airdrop, technically 2 as after its posted to Hive later that day ill post the same write up on PublishOx with a second airdrop. Details on the airdrops will be near the end of the write up.


My mind can be a bit of a rats nest so let me explain what you can expect from todays write up.

Ill go over 3 play to earn games & either game strategy or updates on Gnomes, Splinterlands, & Zombie Coin miner.

As well as do several unboxings including Funko Pop Iron Maiden Packs (new), & a Splinterlands Gladius Case.

Finally ill highlight a few tricks I use to profit on the NFT market, I have made a decent amount trading NFTs so I have some idea of what works best for me.
The market isn't always favorable as its subjective the general public can be fickle, interests fleeting so I make mistakes. Just educated guess work & a broad inventory has helped me minimize losses.

Any person can do this but its a risk sometimes you loose, I only risk what I can afford to loose.

None of this is intended as investment advice just sharing info & methods I personally use in my NFT side hustles..


I consider Splinterlands the best play to earn game on the market, with the new packs coming soon. Now is a good time to do a write up of what you can expect from the new affordable market.

First off get ready for some low prices a true buyers market, this however dose not mean you cant make good overhead in sales.

Alternating between the HIVE and WAX P2P (Peer 2 Peer) NFT markets can actually be quite profitable. Playing both the DEC and WAX crypto market along side the NFT market.

Monitoring the individual Crypto your NFTs can be sold for is highly recommended. Doing this you can play the HIVE and WAX markets to your favor.

Selling NFTs on a down market & buying on an Up market, this can be done with up to 3 NFT markets that are totally separate from one another. Giving the average Splinterlands player many options for how to make purchases more cost effective.

As the new packs launch date nears ill do a follow up to this point but for now study the WAX, DEC (in game), & HIVE markets. Both their market price and average NFT cost.

Fairly certain the Reward card prices will be what to expect, & always use potions on packs I have gotten 5 Gold legendry's trust me use the potions.

Gladius case


Truly like I cant sell these as its a force of habit, hard to win the game if you pawn your deck.

Now I have 10 of these in my inventory & I believe ill be upgrading my Guilds barracks soon so ill be able to use these in
Brawls matches.

Each card has a burn value thus adds power to my account & SPS airdrop points.
More burn value then the reward cards to, good thing I went through the trouble of putting $100 into our guild for this.

As for tips on game play Renting is the best investment for new players, getting your account to higher League.
This Means better daily rewards, & season end rewards.
Though yes you need to know how to play the majority of the limitation is that of access to better cards.
Your daily challenge rewards increase as well
Though this will change soon the new packs ushering in some game changes. Rentals are just a form of NFT delegation, so safe to assume this mechanic stays.

Getting use to temporary ownership may be the key your looking for to succeed.

Smart players will stash as many of these new cards away increasing their account power gradually.

The new cards will be the focus coming up I believe in the way their ranked matches will be structured. Getting use to the new cards will take older players a while any way as we need to re think strategy.

Given the new cards will be & are a huge game changing component.
Dont underestimate new players or cards as they could soon be your undoing.

I'm still working on getting all these labeled there are so many abilities in game
Ill do a post with all abilities in the future and what each does

This is turning into quite the project didn't seem like it at first.
For now this should be somewhat helpful but once complete ill add descriptions.

For old time sake I bought and opened a Untamed pack as it hit $39 on WAX. I got extremely lucky the difference I believe is potions.
That basically just doubled my money spent.

Want to give the best blockchain game ever in my opinion, please consider using my referral below

Splinterlands hits number 1

Funko Pop Iron maiden

Many of these lets call them hype collections can be dangerous, Especially from an investment stand point.

That being said I had seen enough evidence for me to risk $50, until it took me an hour to wait in line by the time I could buy a pack the market was showing me worrying signs so I bought $33 worth or roughly 3 5 count packs.
Of those 3 packs I opened 2 & here's how that went.


Not great on the first pack totaling $3 out of that $11 back meaning this pack was a loss.

Second one pay dirt, I got a legendary NFT right on the day they launched meaning its in demand.
Hype can be useful for a quick profit but even collections with vIRLs attached fade into obscurity.

Some find comebacks later but most just go unused after the first vIRL promotion is done.

I got lucky but I'm sure most lost money here, but Iron maiden is some what iconic as is Funko pop so maybe they will surprise me.

Zombie coin miner

This NFT colection both is & isn't a game. In a way each expedition or pack is a game of chance with really valuable prizes but mostly bad ones.

I will give the developers this the monthly competition for $2000 in WAX keeps the mines functioning.

They also got rid of the male female dynamic, replacing this bias division with one of a practical nature.
Vehicle and non vehicle owners decide now which missions you can buy if you own a vehicle you get both without you can buy 1 of the 2.

Owning a vehicle means you get double the missions done makes more sense to me any way from a narrative perspective.
Adding blends and features almost weekly it shows the individuals in charge have talent & drive good signs.

The monthly competition was a good call they deal with problems fairly quick all good signs.

I have gotten a mine before & 100 ZBC coins 3 times now, this colection is really starting to pick up you can get a start here.

Gnome series / Gnocity

So a great many reasons to check this NFT colection out, but Most importantly because its play to earn.

Though I will get back to the game aspect in a moment this caught me by surprise.
A NFT loot box since seeing this I have been kicking around the idea of a HIVE NFT loot box.
Just an Idea at the moment but I'm white listed as a Palnet NFT producer so this would be doable.

NFT loot boxes sound like the shit & I'm already receiving rewards from a few (not Gnomes) on WAX.

Anyway NFT loot boxes aside for now, the Gnocity game has been fairly surprising.

Well thought out and new features added all the time now there is a breeding and evolution aspect added, A racing game on the way & a fairly impressive burn blend use case.

To me the best part is you dont have to ply PvP other players get to attack your party if you win you still earn GNOKEN & EXP.

Leveling up cards increases their value & is done by winning PVP or via a blend burn use case.
By exploring this collections blend burn use cases I found a few that the market has forgotten & with this game making the colection more popular its worth while to look into.
In a way Gnocity and Splinterlands have a good amount in common.

Like for instance the more rare the cards used are the higher the payout per victory.

So leveling up the card I made would in effect make me more money per victory its used.

You just keep your team fed and check in once and a while & Gnocity just generates GNOKEN for you fairly bad ass.

Sink some money into your team you loose less they eat less you make more not bad and the game is still evolving as is the colection.
I have a feel for what games the market tends to gravitate towards, thus far Gnomes checks many of the boxes. It lacks a fully flushed out burn blend use case so the cards devalue.

Though this colection can easily fix this as all the necessary tools already work they just lack a broad approach encompassing to few of their NFTs.

Leading to devaluing though that can change drastically
These listed for 0.08 USD before the Breeding / evolution feature started now they sell for $3.

Now many of the cheap gnomes may soon do the same thing presenting a potential opportunity.
A low cost investment opportunity best kind of investment opportunity. May take a while but not the worst colection to throw a few bucks at.

Working on farmers world

I'm working on getting into (farmers world) but it can be quite costly so due to my portfolio being focused here on Splinterlands / HIVE, so at the moment I'm having issues.
Anything on this list on Dapps radar is something to at least check out & farmers world has been topping sales on WAX for several months.

Splinterlands finally getting the recognition it deserves, honestly I trust Dapp radar due to the fact that these even register. Most sites focus on ETH blind to WAX and HIVE whom are killing it.

I have played or at least checked out 6 out of 7 on that list of Dapps, & use a few daily.

So check out farmers world its hot right now and if you have money to throw at it it may be worth while to start playing.


The unsung hero of the WAX blockchain in my opinion is alcor its where you can sell or buy WAX alts, all of the WAX alts.
Since there are a few game markets now and an alt coin NFT market on WAX.

You may be wondering how the heck you get their alt WAX
crypto currency.

Every time I ask that question Alcor has that WAX alt so if you find a service asking for an odd WAX based crypto check Alcor.

NFT packs

Truly most of my money made in NFTs isn't on resale though that does happen its far less common / profitable. If I can at all help it I buy & either open or resell packs as this is where the money is.

NFT market is odd there are fine art NFTs, collectable NFTs, video game item NFTs, & music NFTs.

These could not be further apart, I find its helpful to look at NFT collections with packs for 2 reasons.

First you can see the odds of getting a certain NFT before you buy the pack, & packs have information on how many have been sold or opened.

NFT packs with few people opening is a bad sign something like Splinterlands is a good sign.

I find something doing well I ask how this is intended to be utilized by the producer of the NFTs.

Utility is basically what I look for a incentive to own the asset by the consumer other then resale.

Then the final question is accessibility, for this WAX and HIVE win in my book as neither has gas in their games. WAX may depending but rarely do they require RAM which would be WAX gas for token creation.

ETH has created a NFT market that has the inverse in mind focusing less on utility. To me this is highly risky as its likely the market owes much of their price point to ETH gas fees.

With Polygon & WAX helping ETHH on gas fees the ETH NFT market could actually collapse.

The majority of the markets money in NFTs is on ETH but that's not going to last.
The prices may be lower but that is good this means, the market has actual healthy usage by average consumers.
For transactions daily its always WAX first HIVE second, games are the market focus & where these two blockchains thrive is games.
Because of this I focus on packs of NFTs both HIVE & WAX collections this has served me well.
BSC took a tumble now technically WAX & HIVE are in the lead here to Number of users go us.

Best thing about these Blockchains HIVE & WAX is they show how powerful people become in mass.
The inverse of their predecessors these blockchains get stronger with more users not weaker.

Rising star


This blockchain game is play to earn and free here on Hive I dont always have time to get to everything but new users should check it out.

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Dam nice write-up, You actually fin cheap splinerlands cards on wax?

I find it is a few cents or more higher.

i go he claim drop and hanks gonna check out gnomectiy


No but you can up charge like crazy & then just run the profits back to Hive engine New legendary cards sell for $9.98 Here in game & On WAX go for $16, buy the cards when DE spikes then buy the Dec if & when the price lowers


Ah makes sense if you got Capital on both,

Tried gnome and it eats CPU 🤣 gonna try again today


yeah when you attack them in PVP if they attack you it requires no CPU the GNOMES just have to be fed & they will run PVP by themselves no CPU


oh & thanks for letting others know about the claim


I am sharing with my followers to bring more attention to your post. I want to help you continue what you do because I as a reader also benefits from the sharing of your knowledge. Thanks for publishing.



Appreciate it and I sent this to the address provided thanks for participating