Splinterlands | Chaos Knight Weekly Battle Challenge

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Hello fellow blockchain gamers and to all splinterlands players!

I would like to share to you all my entry for this weeks Battle Challenge for the monster CHAOS KNIGHT! A very sturdy Life melee monster that is so strong big guys falls to it! Come and join me as we go on how I utilized this monster and use it to hurt some big guys!

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A monster used for its physical damage tanking. Not only that but this monster can easily outduel big boy monsters with its skill Giant Killer that is usable when level 5 is reached. She is a disaster for monsters with high mana cost!


Its skills:

Shield: image.pngReduced damage from melee and ranged attacksUsable from Bronze league.
Giant Killer: image.pngDoes double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana.Can be used in Silver league and higher.
Inspire: image.pngGives all friendly monsters +1 Melee attack.Can be used from Diamond league and higher.

This monster is a really good front line monster because of its tanking sustainability. High armor and decent hp partnered with Shield, no physical damage will surely get through.

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Battle Time!!

Battle Rule Sets:

56 Mana Cost

Fire Earth Life Death Splinter Available
Weak Magic
Holy Protection

This battle, I can't tell what my enemy will use because in their battle history they keep on changing the splinter and summoner they use so I just push through with what I think will be best.

My Lineup:

Summoner: image.png+1 Range attackGeneral Sloan: I used this card because I've seen him fit better than Tyrus, the other summoner I have available. I will focus on range damage this battle
1st Position: image.pngShield, Giant KillerChaos Knight: This will be my tank because the rule set has weak magic offset, I don't need to worry about magical damage bursting out.
2nd Position: image.pngSlow, DecayTime Mage: a rather weak 2nd position yes but she is needed for the slow and decay.
3rd Position: image.pngFlying, Close Range, DeathblowGargoya Devil: A range monster that can still attack on the front-lines. It is the first in line for the range monster lineup I have because of that ability.
4th Position: image.pngSnipe, RepairLone Boatman: Another range monster that is aiming for the back lines if available. The best thing about this monster is that it also helps on sustaining my front with its repair skill.
5th Position: image.pngBlastPrismologist: A very high damage range monster that can damage 2 monsters at once with its blast ability.
6th Position: image.pngSnipe, Pierce, ProtectSilvershield Sheriff: A high damage monster with snipe so the back lines is not safe. Another good thing with this is that it comes with shielding ability to also help my fornt lines. This is also a good back monster because of its high HP

A range attack heavy lineup equipped with Snipe attack is what I think of because hitting and killing those back line supports is really critical on winning matches. I also have a sustain on my front line with the help of repair and protect abilities.
I've used only 43 Mana for this battle but I think this is enough for a decent lineup.


output-onlinepngtools (1).png

Battle Commentary
Round 1:


The battle in the first round is mostly armor shredding and removing the holy shield given by the ruleset. My Chaos Knight is very much alive tanking everything and also it dished out high damage thanks to its Giant Killer ability.

Round 2:


In this second round my Chaos Knight died but I also killed one of his healing support and the next one about to die thanks to my snipe ability. His 2 front line is also left with a very low HP now thanks to high damaging monster Prismologist.

Round 3:


In this round I killed 3 of their monsters. Thanks to my snipe their healing is put on the hold and now I can finally kill his vulnerable front lines. You can also notice how my Sheriff in the back is holding its own against sneak monster, a very handy monster.

Round 4 and 5:


The cleanup rounds to finish the battle. In the final moments of battle you can also see the Deathblow ability finishing the match in style! What a battle!

output-onlinepngtools (1).png

Battle Conclusion

Did my strategy worked?
My strategy worked, putting in multiple monsters with snipe to kill of the healers leaving the front line vulnerable. I Also utilized the ability of the Chaos Knight to tank and dish out high damage with Giant Killer is a plus!

What would I try next?
Having this monster on with other cards that have resurrect is gonna be good especially on no magic damage rulesets! I would like to try that next if I can.

Do I like Chaos Knight
I'm still not sold on this monster yet because of its slight high mana cost. But surely this monster will shine on different situations but until then there are other monsters, in Life Splinter alone that can also provide what it does better.

output-onlinepngtools (1).png

I will end my battle challenge for this week here! Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my battle! See you on to the next!



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