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Hello fellow blockchain gamers! This time I would share to you my Weekly Battle Challenge of Deeplurker.

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DeepLurker Stats and Abilities


A truly terrifying water monster Deeplurker is. Equipped with Oppurtunity it is, loaded with a Poison at level 6 makes it more terrifying. A level 10 comes with Demoralize because why not, looking at it already gives me the creeps, what more a level 10 of it.

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Battle Time!

I am playing this battle on Gold league which gives me access to use level 6 or higher of Deeplurker. This gives me the ability poison and a better stats to boast too. Battle Link here.

Battle Rules:
Fog of War

My Battle Line Up

Summoner:image.png+2 Shield Backfire BlindI chose Lir Deepswimmer as my summoner because I've seen my enemy usually uses Range monsters from their previous battles. Lir Deepswimmer is equipped with Backfire ability which gives all my monster units to have it. Backfire returns a portion of Range damage to the attacker. He also come with Blind ability which makes me have an extra dodge chance which is super helpful against physical damages. He also gives 2 points of shield to my units, again a good countermeasure for physical type enemies.
1st Position: Self-Heal, ThornsSea Monster is a Very Durable and Reliable Tank because of it's heal. Aside from its sustaining prowess, it came with a high damage which really comes in handy on breaking the enemy tanks.
2nd Position: image.pngOpprtunity, ScavengerFestering Seaweed is a good 2nd tank for this battle because it has the ability scavenger which provides addiotional HP for each dead monster. Not only that but having opportunity ability on a Fog of War battle is really a blessing.
3rd Position: image.pngOpportunity, ScavengeParasitic Growth also is a good unit for this battle. It is an identical card with the Festering Seaweed so when my tank dies this card will soak up damage when it comes in the front lines.
4th Position: image.pngOpportunity, PoisonDeeplurker, A fairly high damage monster equipped with opportunity. Together with my 2 other monsters with opportunity wreck havoc on this battle with Fog of War.
5th Position: image.pngSnipe, InspirePirate Captain is really a great monster for this battle because it have Inspire to buff up all my melee units. Especially those monsters with Opportunity. With this they can quickly kill those backlane supports.
6th Position: image.pngTank-Heal, FortifyCrustacean King is really good for this matchup because from my enemy's previous battles, he mainly uses physical which is countered by my fortify. This also comes with tank-heal which really comes in a pinch on all battles.

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Battle Commentary:
Round 1:
With buffs and debuffs applied we can barely predict which team will win. He have Demoralize which cancels out my Inspire. Both of us doesn't have monsters with stuns so the Knockout ruleset is ignored. I played by the Fog of War ruleset to my advantage by putting 3 monsters with Opportunity which is not affected by the Fog.

Round 2:
This is how 2nd round have started. We just chipped out each others shields. My monsters with opportunity is aiming the boatman but the Seaweed and Parasitic Growth both missed its target. My Deeplurker failed to apply its poison.

Round 3:
I killed of his Boatman but the enemy have resurrect ability on their side. He also killed my first tank, things is looking grim on my side. This is the part where my monsters with Scavenge ability comes to play. Looking at the Seaweed's HP, its now 5 from previous 3. That's why its good for 2nd tank.

Round 4:
They killed of my Seaweed, and things is looking not good on my side but I believe in my Deeplurker. The battle challenge monster will win this for me. My Parasitic Growth, now on the front lines is now donning 8HP thanks to its Scavenge ability. That repair ability really is a pain to deal with.

Round 5:
That repair ability really is getting in my nerves. I can't deal much damage on the tank, and my Deeplurker just broke the Brightwing's shield during Round 4, no poison applied. My luck on activating that poison is really bad. Look at the Evangelist at the backline, it is nearly killed just by the Backfire ability. My Deeplurker will kill it of on the early parts of round 5.

Round 6:
I killed of their highest damage dealing monster the previous round. Now my Deeplurker is in the front line. The Legionnaire will die on the early parts of the round finally. This is the turning point of the battle. Now I have the upper hand on the battle or do I?

Round 7:
Looking on to this looks like I'm about to win but it'll be hard. That repair ability is really hard to deal with. And also my poison is still not activating, talk about bad luck. This round just me chipping of the shield.

Round 8:
Luckily this round the poison took effect finally. With that activating seals the win for me. The round goes by the Captain breaking of the shield and Deeplurker dealing damage and applying poison. The thorns ability is really hurting my front line I nearly lost the battle.

Round 9:
At the start of round 9 the Crystal Werewolf will die by poison. This will make me a sure winner of the battle because the Crustacean King will heal Deeplurker the amount of damage they can dish off.

I will not include the next rounds because that is me missing a bunch of attacks and them repairing the minimal damage I do. My luck is really bad that I keep on missing and my poison ability is not applying to enemy monsters. But still I won the battle despite of my bad luck.

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Battle Conclusion

The strategy I tried to use somehow worked. Using the Opportunity ability together with the Inspire is a good one to use. This strategy is really good because it revolves around the Opportunity ability which the Deeplurker came with.

For the changes on my strategy would probably be to put on Swiftness or Slow to compensate for the speed difference and the bad luck I have on missing the target.

Do I like Deeplurker?
Deeplurker is an all around monster card for the water splinter. Has a decent damage and hit points. A monster with opportunity that you can put as second tank if on a pinch. A common card which fits on some rulesets.

Rulesets its good on:

image.pngAim True: With its somewhat slow speed, aim true would really be helpful for this card.
image.pngExplosive Weaponry: Together with its opportunity ability and good amount of damage, this ruleset will help out Deeplurker deal massive damage on the backlines of the enemy.
image.pngFog of War: Deeplurker and any other monsters with opportunity is not affected by this ruleset.
image.pngRise of the Commons: It is a very good card and its a common so you can use it here.
image.pngUnprotected: Any monsters with opportunity, not just the Deeplurker, loves this ruleset and you can't tell me otherwise. They will surely deal killing blows left and right
image.pngUp Close & Personal: This ruleset favors monsters with other ways of attacking like those equipped with opportunity and sneak. How handy that the Deeplurker have opportunity in its bag

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This concludes my weekly battle challenge for Deeplurker! If you are still here, thank you for reading through it. Let's see each other on to the next battle challenge!! This is me signing off and telling everyone, Have a nice day my friends.



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