Splinterlands | Dragon Battle Challenge


Hello fellow blockchain gamers and to all splinterlands players!

I would like to share to you all my entry for this weeks Battle Challenge for the DRAGON Splinter. The very versatile splinter that you can use with your common splinters! Come and enjoy my battle using a strategy that you would probably need to understand!!

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A dragon splinter summoner that is a good budget counter for a yodin or rennyn enemy lineups. With its abilities it can surely at least bring the battle field on par with those said strong summoners for a fraction of their price.

This card is one of my favorite dragon monster if not my most. This monster provides a slow and cleanse which is really good on certain situations. And at gold league or higher this also gains the "LAST STAND" ability.


its abilities:

image.pngFlyingHas an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying abilityUsable on all leagues
image.pngSlowReduces the Speed of all enemy MonstersUsable on all leagues
image.pngCleanseRemoves all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly teamUsable on silver league and higher
image.pngLast StandGains increased stats if it's the only Monster on the team aliveUsable on Gold league and higher

This monster is really versatile as it can be placed as your second tank for enemy who doesn't use much magics. But can also be put into the farthest back to tank those pesky little sneak mobs with its high armor.

output-onlinepngtools (1).png



○ Gold League ○
○ 50 Mana Cap ○
○ Explosive Weaponry and Even Stevens ○
○ Splinters: Fire Life Death Dragon ○

In this battle I just go in with my usual strategy for Blast Rulesets, which is to beat them with speed. I'm a firm believer that in a blast battle, whoever attacks first will win. So with that said let's look and review my lineup and see if it will work this time.

My Lineup

Summoner:image.png-1 range, -1 speed, 4 ManaQuix the Devious will be a very good summoner for this battle as it slows down the enemy speed as well lower their range damage
1st Position:image.pngTaunt, Flying, Scavenger, 10 ManaDark Ha'on is a really great tank for the death lineup as it have the scavenge skill to sustain itself for a little longer. Also this helps to protect the back lane with its taunt ability.
2nd Position:image.pngMagic Reflect, 8 ManaPrismatic Energy is high speed magic monster. Both a very good thing for the blast rule. Also with its high hp it can soak up damages at 2nd position.
3rd Position:image.pngFlying, Silence, 8 ManaPhantom Soldier is a go to for a death lineup as it provides silence to weaken the magic damage of the enemy. As well as dishing a decent amount of damage itself.
4th Position:image.pngSnipe, Camouflage, 6 ManaMagi Necrosi is my favorite monster from the Chaos Legion set for the death splinter. A fairly high speed and damage paired with blast this sure is a monster to use on this kind of battle.
5th Position: image.pngSnipe, 4 ManaCentaur will be the partner for my Magi Necrosi. They'll be aiming the backlane to provide damage on 3 monster at a time.
6th Position: image.pngFlying, Slow, Cleanse, 10 ManaDiamond Dragon is my back tank if ever they decided to go on the sneak route. But what I use this dragon for is its Slow and magic damage. Being able to directly damage 2 monsters is always good.

In this battle I used up all the Mana pool provided for the lineup. I chose the dragon paired with the death lineup and focused on magic damage. Magic and blast is a great combination on itself just add in the slow I provided.




I'm under leveled in this battle but I still think I can win. Round 1 is so packed that it have 39 turns itself. This will be fun to watch!!

Round 1


Round 1 looks bad for me because 2 of my monsters died right away. And add to it that I didn't kill any on their side. But looking on the bright side is that I dealt some damage on their 2nd and 3rd monster which brings them low enough on my preference.

Round 2


As I have commented on the first round, their 2nd and 3rd monster is on the low HP side so in this round I killed them easily together with the tank. 3 monster down and 2 more very low.

Round 3


As I have planned, slowing their attack speed will yield me the win as seen on this round. They didn't even have the time to deal damage as they died slowly, with my slows. No pun intended.

output-onlinepngtools (1).png


Did my strategy worked?
My strategy did worked. And I will continue on using this type of strategy for battle with blast rulesets. Slowing them down and dealing magic damage on top of it is quite a handy trick for this type of ruleset.

What would I try next?
Using a monster with life leech is a really great combination for this blast ruleset, so next time I would use it if deemed usable.

Do I like Dragons?
In general I do like them. They're a versatile splinter you can always pair with different splinters. Also for battles, it will make you unpredictable if you throw a dragon in battles once in a while.

A downside or a con if you may call it is most of the monster/summoner that is used most of the time for this is either a high rarity or high mana card. But with the recent battle changes they patched in, which is adding high mana cap rounds, a dragon splinter lineup is very useful.

output-onlinepngtools (1).png

I'll end this weekly battle challenge here with a quick pun.