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Hello to all the Splinterlands gamers especially to the ones in this community! Today I would like to share to you my participation on this week's battle challenge about Radiated Brute!
I would talk about it's usage and many more! Come and join me in this battle!!

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Reading up the lore of this poor fella I can't feel anything but sadness for them. They've been hit up by a plague caused by the blight brought by Doctor Blight himself on to the vast land of Praetoria.

They have been eaten up by their uncontrollable anger and rage. They have to flee to protect their families from themselves. Upon leaving they become as wild as ever and doesn't care about a single thing aside from eating.

Enough about the lore let's talk about the abilities and the battle itself on the next part of this post.


Radiated Brute is a melee monster for the fire Splinter. It is equipped with reach on its first level so it's fully usable for 2nd position from the start. Or is it?
This is its ability sets listed:

image.pngReach: Melee attack Monsters with the Reach ability may attack from the second position on the teamUsable at level 1
image.pngEnrage: Has increased Melee attack and Speed when damagedUsable at level 6 or from Gold League

Knowing that let us proceed to the battle itself!

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Battle Rulesets


Reverse Speed
Broken Arrows
54 Mana Cap
Fire Water Life Death Splinters

My Lineup

Summoner: image.png+1 Melee, +1 Health, 4 ManaTarsa: I chose her as my summoner to buff up my melee lineup I plan to use for this battle. Also having an additional Health Point is always usable in any battle.
1st Position: image.pngShield, 7 ManaLiving Lava: is a good tank for this battle because of the reverse speed ruleset. And I seen from the previous battle of my enemy that they seldom use magic so this being equipped with shield is great for that lookup.
2nd Position: image.pngReach, 5 ManaRadiated Brute: a good monster as your 2nd tank. It can deal a decent amount of damage and can also soak those damage also because of its somewhat decent health paired with the Tarsa buff.
3rd Position: image.pngVoid, Cripple, 11 ManaCaladuum: again I used this monster because of its relatively slow speed stats taking advantage of the reverse speed ruleset. This is really a great addition for any battle that has a high mana cap because of its high health and damage.
4th Position: image.pngSneak, 2 ManaKobold Miner: this will be one of my sneaky boys that will deal damage to the backline monsters. This is one of the slowest sneak monster around the game and this is totally fine for this ruleset.
5th Position: image.pngSneak, Dodge, 5 ManaTenyii Striker: this will be the pair for my kobold to deal damage on the enemy backlines. Again a high dealing damage itself but paired with Tarsa will be even a stronger force.
6th Position: image.pngImmunity, Retaliate, 9 ManaForgotten One: I placed this in the last position on a hunch that my enemy will put in a sneaky monsters and hope that its retaliate ability will trigger.

So for this battle I can't predict what my enemy will use because in their previous matchups they use different splinters per battle. But what I noticed is he doesn't use much magic. I just go in with that in my mind. In this battle I used up only 43 Mana. I only have that much monster with high mana cost lol.

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Battle Link Here


This is how the battle have turned. Surprisingly they used 2 magic which is not in my considerations but we will see if I can fight this.

Round 1


My hunch on a sneak worked and surprisingly the retaliate also worked like a charm on the very first round! Looking well for me if you ask me. Let's go to the 2nd round

Round 2


Wow! Another retaliate hit that brought down the sandworm. I think that alone is impressive, 2 retaliates in a row, I've never been this lucky on a RNG. Surprisingly also that my Lava is still alive.

Round 3


The Lich at the back is now exposed to my sneaky boys and he can't accumulate that precious HP it wants. Also this Radiated Brute survived 2 hits from 2 legendary monster and finished of 1 of em. Just a nitpick.

Rounds 4 and 5


This rounds is just the cleanup rounds to finish off the battle that I will surely win. Even if I don't expect the Magic monster I still won the battle. I think it's just that he got wrong monsters set that's why I won.

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Did my strategy worked?
My strategy worked, yes. Using low speed tanks for reverse speed ruleset is the way to go! Better if it's paired with high damage to boast and surely it will be a problem for your enemy!

What I would try next?
I think being prepared for a High Mana Cap is the only key take away I can get from this match as I don't have any for that. So maybe try having better cards prepared for the battles ahead.

Do I like Radiated Brute?
Honestly I am not fond of this monster, I just used it so I can have something to provide for this week's battle challenge. I think that there is a better option for a 2nd tank or a monster with the REACH ability in the fire splinter alone. Maybe at 4 Mana cost I might change my mind about this card.

Let us compare it to the 2 monster also with the reach ability from the fire splinter here and take a look:


The Radiated Brute cost 5 mana, same as the Giant Roc and 2 less than Fineas Rage. I put in their stats at cap for Silver league on the screen and looking there it looks pretty decent. But Fineas Rage have way higher HP and speed which is really useful. Giant Roc on the other hand has Flying ability which is really useful for those miss chances and also for earthquake rulesets. Maybe in the gold league with the Enrage ability it will reach its Power Spike but I think its still not that useful. Even in this battle I don't talk much about it just because. Just my two cents about Radiated Brute.

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That brings us to the end of my battle challenge for this week. Thanks for reading through my battle and my little rant about it!! Until the next battle challenge!



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