Game of Splinterlands, Day 13 : A New Nightmare


Game of Splinterlands, Day 13

I attempted a Tournament today and lost the first round. Maybe next time!



There is still a chance I win the raffle of 5 SPS, which would help make up for the 19 DEC entry fees. If not, it's not a big deal. I can win or earn those 19 DEC back easily, even if in the form of another token like SPT.

I was the 100th entry so I know there was enough entrants for the raffle to happen.

Day 13's Daily Quest Reward : NIGHTMARE

Current League : Bronze League III, hopefully I get to my max league of Bronze League II. I had hoped to raise my collection power this season but was unable to.

Current Dark Energy Bag : 1,247 DEC

Current Splintershards Bag : 92.869 SPS Staking, almsot to my first goal of 100 SPS.

Current Splintertalk Token Bag : 1293.885117 SPT Staking

Card of the Day : CERBERUS

Cerberus is my favorite hell puppy.

Battle of the Day :

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