The great usefulness of Kelp Initiate and its ability "Cleanse" Vs Noxious Fumes


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Last week I talked about the new ability that will come into effect after this season and its impact on the game, however, as there are a large number of rules and abilities, obviously it is not the only thing to highlight, since, depending on the situation that we face, we can devise a strategy to counter a rule and also beat a powerful tank in battle just by using the right set of cards.

Based on this, in this opportunity I will share a battle strategy focused on countering the rule called "Noxious Fumes" and additionally, how with the right combination of cards, we can emerge victorious from a battle where the chances of being victorious are significantly reduced by using some weak cards in life points, which can not withstand many rounds on the field.

So, in order not to give more details in this introduction, I will start with the explanation of the strategy and the description of my battle:

I have a long time in the game and to date, I have not yet faced opponents who use the "Cleanse" ability to counter one of the most powerful rules of the game such as "Noxious Fumes" taking into account an extremely low amount of mana, which complicates things a lot to win a battle, where it is believed that victory is reduced to the cards that have more life points, however, there is a way to fight a powerful tank and that in addition, the "Noxious Fumes" rule does not affect your first card in the field.

To achieve this, we must use the powerful card called "Kelp Initiate".

This is a very useful card although it may not seem so at first glance, this monster is able to stop a fairly strong tank as is the "Chain Golem" and without having any attack, this is basically thanks to the intrinsic characteristics that it possesses, in addition to its powerful abilities, although, for this specific battle, only needed the ability "Cleanse" that is obtained by having this card at level 3, although mine is level 5. This card has an amount of mana to summon it to the field of only 2 points, something really insignificant considering what it can do.

On the other hand, from its level 1, it has 5 life points and 5 speed points, which are its strongest weapons against the powerful attacks of the "Chain Golem", in addition, taking into account that my card is at level 5, it gets an exponential increase in its abilities that allow it to take its vital points up to 7 points and have a speed of up to 6 points, being this really decisive in a battle as I said in a publication I made months ago where I commented that speed wins important battles in this game. With all this, if I put the combination of my summoner "Kelya Frendul" and its speed contribution to all my team, my "Kelp Initiate" becomes almost untouchable.

Taking into account this description, one of the fundamental pieces of my strategy was my great "Kelp Initiate", so, based on this fabulous card, in the following image that I will share below, you can see all the stats that this great secret weapon has.

Something I can't overlook is that, in order to win this battle; and to prove that my strategy works, the ability "Cleanse" in my "Kelp Initiate" was an important piece to win, since it removes all the negative effects of the card that is in the first position, which was the place that my "Kelp Initiate" occupied in the field, giving me the opportunity to use 100% of the capabilities of my monster, so this ability together with the speed that made my card untouchable, form an incredible barrier that my opponent's tank and the "Noxious Fumes" rule could not defeat.

When I just clicked on "Battle" and looked at the battle rules, I told myself that it would be complicated, so I struggled to think what equipment could work against the "Noxious Fumes" rule with such low mana points to be able to summon my monsters, which reduced at that moment, the chances of winning, so, while I was looking at my deck of cards and Splinters to find a card that would work as a tank and at the same time resist as many rounds as possible, I came across my "Kelp Initiate" and its ability "Cleanse", so I simply tried it, I devised a formation with "Kelp" at the head, supported by some cards that could resist the rule and the possible attacks of my opponent.

Link to my Battle🏆

My battle rule

The rule for this battle was as follows:

  • Mana: 17
  • Noxious Fumes: All Monsters start the Battle Poisoned

As I said, this is a complicated rule and more when the amount of mana does not help you to use cards with resistance, but I was able to think and manage to beat it together with my opponent.

Kelya Frendul

As I already mentioned, I selected my tank as soon as I could see my "Kelp Initiate", so, in order to increase its most important abilities and give it some additional protection, I decided to use my "Kelya Frendul" which gives +1 additional point in the speed of all my monsters and +1 point in shield, which is great, because it increases the resistance of my cards, which is very necessary to face a tank like the "Chain Golem" and an additional terribly complicated rule like "Noxious Fumes".

Kelp Initiate

It is no longer a secret that I use this card as a battle tank, I risked completely to use it to defend the first position without really knowing what card my opponent would use as a tank, so I bet everything on its speed and the great ability it has called "Cleanse", which causes a kind of immunity against the terrible effect of "Noxious Fumes", achieving that in none of the rounds my card was affected by this. Undoubtedly one of the fundamental pieces for my victory with this strategy.

Creeping Ooze

Honestly, I didn't know what to place in the 2nd battle position, I had to think of something so that in case my "Kelp Initiate" suffered an imminent defeat, I would have a backup willing to resist several rounds, however, I didn't find a perfect candidate that could support my "Kelp Initiate" and instead attack from this position, so, considering that my chances were almost nil, I didn't hesitate to use my "Creeping Ooze" to serve as bait and additionally for this one round, I could slow down my opponent's cards by -1 points thanks to "Slow".

Pelacor Bandit

In this position I knew that I had to place at least one card in the offense, which could quickly get into the first position and give more time to the rest of my cards and the "Noxious Fumes" rule to get my opponent off the field. In this whole scenario, the only candidate with low mana available to fight and with some decent life points, was my "Pelacor Bandit", so I didn't hesitate to place him in the 3rd position, so he could defeat the last cards of my opponent's formation, or at least weaken them so that the rule would do the job of taking them once and for all off the battlefield.

Merdaali Guardian

This card honestly could not be missing in any of my formations, since its abilities together, form a lethal combination of protection, however, the only negative of it, is that it would only last a few rounds, but, thanks to its resistance and its +4 health points, I could at least help my "Kelp Initiate" in the first position, protecting it from my opponent's "Chain Golem", all this due to the recovery of armor and health that this card can grant by itself and in one go.

Angelic Mandarin

This is the last key piece of my strategy, another of the cards that helped me win by enduring until the last round and enduring the poisonings in each turn of "Noxious Fumes". When I was about to complete my formation before the time was up, notice me "Angelic Mandarin" and his "Triage" ability, which is able to regenerate the vital points of all my monsters in the back line of my formation, which also includes it, so, every time it suffered damage in any way, in this case by the "Noxious Fumes" rule, it regenerated its vital points and those of its adjacent companions, which caused it to stand until the last instance, using its +2 ranged hit points to finish once and for all with its "Chain Golem".


This is a great card, however, I don't have it at a high level, but, it could perfectly help me in my battle even though it was not determinant, besides, it is clear that I placed it for a reason, since, as I didn't know for sure what equipment my opponent would use for this rule and this type of resistance battle, I placed it in the last position, in order to adsorb a possible attack from my opponent with the "Sneak" ability, so I decided to protect myself even for a single round, which, of course, can make the difference between winning or losing.

This strategy was really phenomenal and worked perfectly for the battle conditions that were presented in it, although it is true that I had never tried it, I had 2 minutes to think clearly about the skills that would work for me to face a "Noxious Fumes" with only 17 points of mana, so, in my opinion it worked perfectly.

Regarding my opponent, he only focused on the brute force and resistance of his "Chain Golem", with a weak support of 2 support cards plus a summoner that, really would not be very effective to face it, I am sure that in other battle conditions, the odds were in his favor, but he did not focus on stopping from the first position the terrible battle rule that would take us all with it, this is where I highlight the performance of my battle tank "Kelp Initiate" and his "Cleanse" ability.

Finally, I hope you liked this strategy and you can keep this formation to defeat your opponent.

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