Bronze Bonanza... Jackpot or Bust???

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New Bronze Account

So we've all heard the hype around the bronze rewards so this season I decided to start a new account for my girlfriend. Bless her she tried to play and learn but it wasn't her cup of tea so I've been playing the account.

This is a fresh account and I've been using the $3 in credits to rent for each day while I probably over rent for both this account and my main account, I still have $1.6 left in credits.

I will start by saying if you are a veteran player and have cards to delegate to a new account then it's can be worth it. Those veteran players are also playing in silver and gold with minimal rentals because they have cards to send to those account. This will also be fixed before next season where you'll not earn bronze chest in silver and gold anymore for the daily focus.

For new players, this account has already paid for it's self but I have gotten lucky with a legendary card, a gold foil card, and a single pull of 650+ DEC. These are not the "average" results and have help make this account pay for it's self in one season. As far as time needed, if you are a newer player without the cards to send to the account so you could play in silver or gold (in future season it will be a case of time since you'll not earn bronze chest in higher leagues) it takes a lot of time to if you skip battles I'd say a minimum of 7 hours for the season but on average and if you are watching the battles closer to 15 hours for the season. So your looking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour a day maybe a bit more. So from a time constraint the ROI is not worth it.

While this has been fun the time required to do it is too much for me with my main account with which I usually have 1 - 3 tournaments a day already and I am doing a scholar account also. After this season though I will be backing down to just my account main account.

So was the Bronze Bonanza a Jackpot or Bust???

Well for me as indicated it was a Jackpot with 6 focus rewards remaining and the season rewards I am already at $6.48 made so the account has paid for itself. The account would have a little more but I accidently rented cards for my main on this account and spend 300 DEC for nothing. I am glad I made the account as I will in the future have need of a second account to rent from or maybe play when I have additional time.

This has been a good time to create a new account. Unlike others I have keep the account in bronze make about 15 chests a day once I climbed to bronze 1 so the future changes will not effect me that much. Is it sustainable, No. There is no way this account sustains it's self once the $3 in credits you got from buying the spell book are gone. I don't have the cards yet to send to this account but I could send DEC for it to rent if I want to keep going but overall after this first season I doubt future season will seem worth it and anything less then what I am earn would be a drain on the main account to continue.


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