App Lists Splintershards (SPS) Why this is great for Everyone but huge for U.S. residents with Explanation / How to guide!!!



I am new to Splinterlands, I started around the end of February. I am a gamer and new to crypto / NFTs space. I'm currently playing another game Starwars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). This may sound familiar to some of you because DBOfficial125 and Bulldog1205 both used to play SWGOH which is how I found Splinterlands. I've known DB for a long time and knew of Bulldog, but I hadn't caught DB for while and one day near the end of February caught a stream.

During the stream he was playing Splinterland and talking about the game, being able to own the assets - buy / sell them as they were NFTs. So, I started asking questions and before the stream was over I was trying out Splinterlands. It didn't take me long to buy my spellbook. Generally if I'm going to play a game I'll support it. I started searching Youtube for videos and guides, which I like to do first. Then I bought $10 of credits with which I bought 2 packs and started to rent a few cards with the remaining $2 dollars.

DEC / SPS, I want to buy them!!!!

It wasn't long before I was trying to figure out how to buy DEC and SPS. Well, for U.S. residents this is extremely convoluted and difficult. I eventually found this video. I strongly recommend watching as it takes U.S. residents through the steps needed to set up a account, a Binance wallet, a Binance Smart Chain wallet, and a MetaMask wallet all of which were needed (Binance Smart Chain and MetaMask wallets still are needed). So instead of re-inventing the wheel and / or taking credit for the information in the video, I choose to include the link as it does a great job at explaining and also show the information for how to get a MetaMask wallet on the Binance Smart Chain which you will want.

Enter SPS on the App, Article here.

You have to use the App which is different from their website. The App can be downloaded from the google play store or apple store. Link here to their site with links to the different stores.

Why is this important?

I'll list the steps previously necessary to buy SPS / DEC for U.S. residents.

  • Setup / Have a account (has to be not
  • Transfer fund to for bank deposits it's a 10 day wait. Debit card deposits only a 7 day wait but with a 25% fee.
  • Wait 10 days
  • Buy BNB with fee
  • Withdrawal BNB to your Binance Chain Wallet with fee
  • Transfer the BNB from your Binance Chain Wallet to your Binance Smart Chain wallet with fee
  • Transfer the BNB from your Binance Smart Chain wallet to your MetaMask Binance Smart Chain wallet (I don't think this step has a fee)
  • Add your MetaMask Wallet to pancake swap
  • Swap your BNB for SPS or DEC with fee
  • Add your MetaMask Binance Smart Chain wallet to your wallets in game.
  • Transfer the SPS or DEC into the game with fee
  • From here you can use your Hive wallet to swap SPS to DEC, Vouchers, or anything Splinterlands related.

As you can see there are 6 fees here so they slowly chip away at the money you actually started with.

U.S residents rejoice!!!
Now let looks at the steps now that SPS is listed directly on App.

  • Setup / Have a account use this link for referral.
  • Buy SPS (first 30 days of a new account the fees are waved) with fee, 3% far less than
  • Link your MetaMask Binance Smart Chain wallet (This is why setting up the Binance Smart Chain wallet and MetaMask Binance Smart Chain wallet from the video is still important.)
  • There is a 1 day wait after adding a new wallet
  • Transfer the SPS to your MetaMask Binance Smart Chain wallet (first 30 days of a new account the fees are waved) with fee
  • Transfer the SPS into the game with fee
  • From here you can use your Hive wallet to swap SPS to DEC, Vouchers, or anything Splinterlands related.

As you can see not only do you not have to wait the 10 days, you are paying 3 less fees for having to buy a crypto, transfer it out, transfer it to your MetaMask wallet, and then swap it for SPS.

After you initially set it up the overall process can be done immediately which helps for when Splinterland does a big announcement instead of having to wait 10 days and the price of everything might have gone up and overall you get more of the money you started with in SPS instead of it being taken for fees!!!!

For U.S. residents you can use ARC (bank) or a debit card to purchase. Any credit card purchase your credit card company must allow crypto purchases.

So now what?

Well firstly come join the Splinterlands community. It's a great game with a great company behind it. Then as you play you will need to learn to play. While Splinterlands is a NFT game and can be done solely via investment, it's also great to play with your investments and use your game play to help grow that investment. I hgihly recommend if you play to play start with $50 - 100 into the game for cards, it will help immensely with being able to play and have fun.

As previously mentioned, check out:

  • DBOfficial125 on Youtube or Twitch. DB is a great guy, though with a new job and single father doesn't get to stream that much for now. He has a Krill (small) account with good knowledge and willingness to help (everyone in the community does including those below)

So here are another set of great references.

  • Bulldog, is more on the larger account side who does more higher end streams. He is also the Community Manager for Splinterlands.
    Bulldog1205 on Youtube or Twitch

Two people I found after joining the Splinterlands community are LukePlaysToEarn and SteveR:

  • Luke has the Krill crew helping those who don't have money to invest right away.
    Luke on Youtube

  • Steve has a larger account but didn't start that way. He got in early and started as a Krill so he has great perspective on the game.
    SteveR on Youtube

  • Lastly but certainly not least. You can check out the official Splinterlands Twitch and see a variety of streamers and find the one you like the best.


Thanks for the plug, Cim. Great to see your growing activity here :)