Weekly Challenge! CRUEL SETHROPOD

This week's battle challenge is the Cruel Sethropod.


Lets start by examining the card.

The Cruel Sethropod is a common three mana melee card in the water splinter from chaos legion. This is a great low mana tank. It starts with 3 shield and 4 health for 3 mana that is 1 more health than mana and equal shield to mana.
Level One Cruel Sethropod

OverallGreat low mana tank that can be use to take a couple hits up front, opportunity block, or as a tank in equalizer.
EqualizerThis is a great tank for low mana equalizer battles. It has a good amount of shield and the health will equalize to the highest health card.
Little LeagueGreat tank for little league where most of the cards will not be doing that much damage,
Super SneakYou can place this card in the back for super sneak to take the initial it and maybe get off a hit.

Cards I used:
Level One Cruel Sethropod
Level One Torrent Fiend
Level One Ice Pixie
Level One Albatross
Level One Pelacor Bandit
Level One Demented Shark


For this battle it was a 19 mana battle with Equal Opportunity and Taking Sides with all splinters but life available. For this battle I went water for the extra shield and speed. I used the demented shark to boost the melee damage of my cards. I should have put the albatross in second position it was meant as bait with flying to hopefully get a few misses but my torrent fiend and ice pixie were in front of it.

The line up I have here this battle:

  • For my tank I pick the Cruel Sethropod, I did to as he was going to have 2 damage, decent speed, health and shield and I figured he would be able to do toe to toe with the other tank.
  • Next is the Carnage Titan, he is in the 2nd position with his reach and double attack. Again he has high armor and health, while I was worried about thorns from my opponent I went ahead with Carnage Titan because he has the armor to take a few thorns hits.
  • I used two flying with the ice pixie and albatross to hopefully get some missed.
  • The Torrent Fiend is another shield against he opportunity who could do some damage.
  • My main damage is the Demented Shark and the Pelcacor Bandit with the boosted melee from the Demented Shark.
    Link to the Battle

My opponent's setup

My opponents line up is also water with the Sea Monster, Pirate Captain, Crustacean King, and Hardy Stonefish. When I first saw this line up I thought I lost because of the Sea Monster's heals. My Cruel Sehtropod wasn't going to take as many hit as I thought it would verse a 5 melee monter.

Round 1

  • The Pirate Captain removes the shield from my Ice Pixie.
  • My Pelacor removes the shield from the Hardy Stonefish, the Ice Pixie does 1 damage and then the torrent Fiend finishes off the Hardy StoneFish.
  • Mean while the Seas monster and Cruel Sethrodpod remove the shield from each other.
  • The Demented Shark removes the shield from the Crustacean King and the Crustacean King removes the shield from my Torrent Fiend.
    Round 1

Round 2

  • The Pirate Captain misses my Ice Pixie (1 miss).
  • The Pelacor Bandit kills the Crustacean King.
  • The Ice Pixie does one health damage to the Pirate Captain
  • The Sea Monster kills my Cruel Sethropod.
  • The Torrent Fiend does two damage to the Sea Monster.
  • The Demented Shark removes the Shield from the Pirate Captain.
    Round 2

Round 3

  • The Pirate Captain kills my Ice Pixie
  • The Pelacor Bandit kills the Pirate Captain
  • The Sea Monster heals to full and kills my Torrent Fiend
  • The Demented Shark does 2 damage to the Sea Monster.

Round 4

  • The Pelacor Bandit does 3 damage to the Sea Monster
  • The Sea Monster heals 3 and removes the shield from my Albatross
  • The Demented Shark does 2 damage to the Sea Monster.
    Round 4

Round 5

  • The Pelacor Bandit does 3 damage to the Sea Monster
  • The Sea Monster heals 3 and kills my Albatross
  • The Demented Shark does 2 damage to the Sea Monster.

Round 6

  • The Pelacor Bandit does 3 damage to the Sea Monster killing it before it can heal.


While this was a win, I would have been able to go one more round against the Sea Monster if need be. It could have also been a cleaner win if I had put the Albatross in front of the Torrent Fiend like I had planned. Also if my opponent has went a magic team I would have been a strong counter against me but I think I had enough meat shield protecting my Demented Shark and Pelacor Bandit to survive that.

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