Splinterlands social media challenge, Town Hall Recap for July 18th and LP Rewards


Social Media Challenge

Town Hall

Splinterlands Town Hall
This week's town hall didn't bring with it a lot of news, in fact I'd say the biggest news came after the town. So lets dig into the information we did get and see if there is any take away for us.

We did get an updated roadmap, so lets start there.

Modern and Wild.

Now that modern and wild has been release the team's next priorities are the non-card market and riftwatchers. It has also now been updated on the mobile app now also.

Prior to the modern and wild release I was away from the game for 2 weeks. I think I managed to get maybe 5 days worth of play during that 14 days. During this time I stopped renting for my day focus, what I learned with my deck where is at I am paying a lot of DEC just to get 1 - 4 maybe 5 chest a day and that doesn't justify the DEC expenditure. As all my cards are modern I've been playing in the modern league and have not been renting. So my daily focus chests are down a little but my DEC is way up since besides saving the DEC I was using for renting, I am back to renting out extra cards I have over my Silver 1 needed collection power. This combined with the increased DEC for playing modern is yielding a nice amount of DEC. Once the airdrop this end I will go back to my daily 50 - 100 DEC deposit into guild building. I stopped while I was away since I wouldn't be earning as much.

Non-card market

The non-card market is one of the key pieces to the progress of land. As the non-card market comes on line players will be able to do more with their land plots such as identifying the land along with opening the plots and tracks for the piece of land inside them. While Land Phase 2 is still over 6 months away each step bring us closer. One of the biggest impact land will have is on card prices and rentals. While almost every town hall we hear how Splinterlands has done way too many chaos legion packs, no body wants them, we need to burn them. This thinking is very short sighted and lacking in any form of factual information. Splinterlands did the amount of chaos legion packs for a reason and part of that reason is land.


During the town hall we found out the team will be working to implement a simplified version of the SPS governance to start with then adding in the bells and whistles.
I have all my SPS staked at the moment beside what is mentioned below in the SPS:DEC pool. Though as you can see I am un-staking some which may end up in the liquidity pool for the rewards that were mentioned today after the town hall. While I planned to covered the LP rewads in this post there has been enough information that we'll get to them in the next post.
Staked SPS
At the time of writing this the airdrop will end in 4 days on July 27th.
Airdrop 4 days left
I started the game at the end of February, though I really didn't start getting bronze rewards to maybe mid may as I figured out the game and burned all my ECR the first couple days. So from April to July I've made a lot better informed decisions on the game. I was able to pick up a license when they went on sale and as SPS start to take a big dip I picked up $500 in SPS which I splint into DEC and put into the SPS:DEC liquidity pool. It was at this point I started to track my airdrops ever 6 days though the two weeks away did hurt that tracking. You can see on day 40 I put my $500 of SPS:DEC into the LP with for the remainder of the airdrop yield 25% of my investment in SPS for $126. I'd actually say over all it has yield more in the range of $150+, so this was one of the best thing I did in Splinterlands so far beside buying the license.

Splinterlands vs Bots

As previously mentioned merits were added to the rewards pool this reduced the number of cards in rewards by 10%. For player who are not in guilds the team will be looking to allow players to use the merits but at a higher cost outside of a guild.
A long with this there will be a change to how ECR works once a players ECR if below 50% each battle will cost 5% ECR vs the 1% it normally costs.

Eye Candy

Finally we got some good eye candy, you can check them out in the discord but I'll share my favorite.
Rift Watchers Character Concept Art

Signing off

Come join the Splinterlands community.


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