Weekly Splinterlands Info - Aug 4th


Weekly Splinterlands Info

Liquidity Pool reward pool now available.

Lets Frist start with what most people will want to talk about the ability to claim the rewards for the LP. A tab "Pools" has been added to the splinterlands SPS page to be able to claim your rewards. At the top there is the "Total Claimable Rewards", you then have to click on each "Claim" button in the different pools you have assets. What is the best for you? The highest APR wins out over all which is the SPS-WETH then the SPS-BNB pools but there is a reason these two are the highest. They both require a wallet besides the normal Hive wallet.

They both have fee associated to using the next even just moving your SPS out to the next work will cost you. They both have a token that is non splinterlands related. So that token carries it own risk. So you have to assess which is best for you and move into the appropriate liquidity pool. The main thing that keeps people out of liquidity pools is impermeant loss but with the rewards splinterlands is paying this will heavily out weigh the impermeant loss especially because you are paid out in SPS which is one of the tokens for the pool so if SPS moons you'll have SPS on hand from the daily rewards to earn from SPS moon with some of your SPS locked up in the liquidity pool.

We also saw the APR get adjusted slightly with this page which was also reflected on the peakmonster SPS & DEC Rewards page I talked about here.


There was pretty decent Hive pump at the beginning of week for those that were around for SPS, DEC and Vouchers all pumped with it for a bit. Hive, Vouchers, and DEC have come down since then with Vouchers going a bit lower than before. SPS came back down some but settled a little higher than before the pump. This could be linked to one announcement we got on the town hall.


This is the announcement we got that may have been responsible for some of the hype around SL assets and hive pumping. Huobi will list a SPS/USDT pairing and is a top 10 exchange. The listing started on August 3, 2022.

There were some changes to the road map as far as marking the tech modernization and non-card market to under the heading of "Land" to show they are a precursor to land. The SPS validators were broken up into 3 pieces mostly around development, testing, and live.
Road Map
The partnership with Alliestrasza is coming to an end soon she will have one more stream I believe.
We also learn that splinterlands has mode some advances on a tabletop game, you can see a glimpse of the miniatures below.

Finally we got an Aggy special in that we got an announcement of an announcement that will be in the town hall next week. The next Town Hall is Monday August 8th at 1:00 pm.


Splinterfest info was released to day. We found out there will be a promo max level legendary summoner that will be available to buy after Splinterfest. Tickets will be $300 for regular admission and $2000 for VIP each ticket will get you a promo code that will allow you to reserve the and receive a discount $300 of the regular summoner (with a chance for gold) for the regular ticket and $2000 off the a guarantee gold foil for the VIP ticket. You will only receive the promo code if you are there in person and then from there they will be tradable. There will be a Town hall streamed from the events, tournaments and more information if you are looking to go to event that can be found at the link above.
Finally eye candy check out the eye candy section in the splinterlands discord.
We got a looks at some miniatures for the table top game.
miniatures for the table top game.
The next fire legendary summoner.
The next fire legendary summoner
Concept art for rift watcher epic earth summoner.
Concept art for rift watcher epic earth summoner

Signing off

Come join the Splinterlands community.


Happy season in Splinterlands
Have you heard about the Huobi SPS trade opening?
I think this opportunity will help the market price of SPS to rise. It is possible that the price stay the same too.


Im guessing its going to go up a bit but need to look at the market cap chart that shows a completly different picture for SPS not the price chart bc you have to assume most have sps in lp pools or staked so the market cap chart gives the more accurate chart in this case.

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