Season Rewards - Diamond I | April 2 2024

Hi friends,

This season marks the final run with random chests, and although we're not sure if they'll bring them back later, I'll surely miss them. The new reward system involves swapping your glint for desired items at Gwen's Glint Shop, which I'm still getting the hang of. Also, they're doing away with Daily Focus, shifting towards earning glint through ranking tournaments. After a few days of play, everyone will get the hang of it.

Right now, $SPS prices are low, which dampens my desire to buy cards, but I'm also not keen on buying $SPS itself. Short-term prospects for $SPS seem dim, mainly due to fierce competition in the gaming market. Years ago, Splinterlands caught global attention, driving up $SPS prices. Now it's just one of thousands of games, so $SPS is falling. It'll be tough for the development team to replicate past success.

However, the rewards for me this season have been unbelievable. I've never scored so many legendary and epic cards before. Thanks to the devs, it's definitely beefing up my battle lineup. Hopefully, it'll help me secure better rankings and rewards in the future.

Diamond (Season Reward : 33 Focus Chests)

2 Gold Legendary monster card
3 Gold Epic monster card
1 Gold Rare monster card
8 Gold Common monster card
2 Legendary monster card
2 Epic monster card
32 Rare monster card
24 Common monster card
34 Legendary potions
55 Alchemy potions
0 SPS(s)
689 Merit(s)
0 Pack

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