Long-term vision for $SPS

My $SPS accumulation plan continues, despite the fact that the token is currently having great difficulty raising its value on the market, which is currently around $0.016, currently a victim of the bearmarket and the ever-increasing supply, with very little utility at the moment. moment.


It is a time when investors could make big purchases, from a long-term perspective. It will all depend on how much demand the game gets in the coming months and years. However, we can confirm some certainties: the total supply will not exceed 3 billion tokens. We are currently at 1.1 billion, the end of the issuance of new tokens is still far away but it will still take at least 3 years to reach the last phase.

In the meantime, it will be fundamental to transform Splinterlands into a channel that conveys $SPS, and here we know well that the big opportunity is the SPS->DEC burning mechanism. At the moment there are still 4.6 billion $DEC tokens and it will be necessary to reduce this number to incentivize the burning mechanism. For this reason LAND will be essential to consume DEC in stratospheric quantities. It will take a long time, but if you have faith in the project and can set the vision in 2/3 years, then the chances of $SPS running again are not that fantastic.


The @splinterlands contests are not only intended to help us obtain generous upvotes but above all to help us discover new cards that can be very useful in our battles and stimulate us towards new strategies and more options in battle.

The low card prices, caused in part by the large number of printings and availability of Chaos Legion cards, are a great entry point for new players. In fact, it is possible to build an excellent deck of cards by spending little, compared to cards from previous editions. It will also be interesting to observe the next airdrops of CL cards in order to better determine which Summoner to upgrade and consequently which cards to purchase on the market!

Furthermore, the strategy that each player sets for themselves can undergo natural variations, in order to improve their deck of cards and climb the ranking of the best players, also obtaining higher rewards! Units that are cleansed, resurrected, or reborn will not be hit with poison again, so it might be a good idea to choose a card with those abilities.

Good game

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Il mio piano di accumulo $SPS continua, nonostante il token al momento abbia grosse difficoltà a rialzare il suo valore sul mercato, che attualmente si aggira attorno ai 0,016$, vittima al momento del bearmarket e della supply sempre più crescente, con pochissime utilità al momento.

È un momento in cui gli investitori potrebbero realizzare grande acquisti, in prospettiva a lungo termine. Tutto dipenderà dalla quantità di richiesta che il gioco richiederà nei prossimi mesi e anni. Possiamo però confermare alcune certezze: la supply totale non supererà i 3 miliardi di token. Al momento siamo a quota 1,1 miliardi, la fine dell'emissione di nuovi token è ancora lontana ma e ci vorranno ancora almeno 3 anni per giungere all'ultima fase.

Intanto sarà fondamentale trasformare Splinterlands in un canale che convogli $SPS, e qui sappiamo bene che la grande occasione è il meccanismo di burning SPS->DEC. Al momento ci sono ancora 4,6 miliardi di token $DEC e sarà necessario abbattere questo numero per incentivare il meccanismo di burning. Per questo motivo LAND sarà fondamentale per consumare DEC in quantità stratosferiche. Ci vorrà molto tempo, ma se avete fede nel progetto e riuscite a porre la visione tra 2/3 anni, allora le possibilità che $SPS torni a correre non sono poi così fantasiose.