Unprecedented Surprise: Maxed Out Delwyn Dragonscale Emerges from Splinterlands TV Giveaway!

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Initiated by the ingenious mind of @r0nd0n, the enthralling giveaways on Splinterlands TV have become a thrilling highlight for players. Week after week, r0nd0n's move has captivated the audience, adding an element of excitement as common cards from different splinters are strategically removed to enhance the chances of winning coveted prizes. In a remarkable twist of fate, the recent giveaway yielded a fully upgraded Delwyn Dragonscale, a testament to the unpredictably thrilling nature of these events. Meanwhile! the elusive Delwyn Dragonscale, now at its highest level, as it embarks on a captivating journey to its new habitat in @lokhrodan card collection.




Exciting developments are afoot in the world of Splinterlands! As the fervor for the elusive GF Kitty giveaway intensifies, we're here to share a thrilling update with our dedicated community.

What does this mean for you, our esteemed players? Brace yourselves for the exhilarating news – the chances of securing the coveted GF Kitty prize have undergone a significant transformation. With these calculated adjustments, your odds of clinching the glorious GF Kitty now stand at an intriguing 1 in 2,893. Yes, you read that right! The stakes have never been higher, and the thrill of victory has never been closer.

The race for the GF Kitty giveaway continues with renewed intensity and anticipation. Will you be the fortunate one to hold the fabled creature in your grasp? The suspense is mounting, the excitement is palpable, and the journey is only beginning.

All shots are from my phone. I don't have a professional camera but I am saving up some money to buy one. The cover is made with Canva.com


This blog is to make sure that I am #aliveandthriving. Being #alive is a huge blessing and I am happy to celebrate it every day!

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Hey! Roi here, your favorite garlic! I am a small Filipino streamer on twitch.

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