My Introduction to the Splintertalk and the splinterland community


So this is my official introduction post and I wanted to share about my experience of joining the splinterlands community. During the pandemic I got very intrigued in cryptocurrency and began trading bitcoin. During my research I found out the brace browser rewards you with free BAT tokens for viewing ads. And one of those ads was for splinterlands (this is how I learned about the game).

Upon further research I found that splinterlands not only rewards users with multiple cryptocurencies (DEC, SPS) but it's also a blockchain game where users can trade/rent NFT cards. On top of that, it is fun to play! I was very intrgued and bought my summoner's spellbook and began my journey about a month ago. It was tough to learn how to play it at first but after a couple days I got the hang of it and I've even developed a few begineer strategies which I will be posting soon. By no means am I an expert. I still have no idea how to join a guild or the benefits of doing so. Nor do I know how to advance to silver league without renting or becoming bankrupt lol. I want to buy the chaos league packs during presale but to my understanding, I will need vouchers to do so and unfortunatly, I do not think I will have enough SPS to earn a meaningful amount of vouchers. I am still learning as I go but so far it's been a wild journey. If anyone has some advice for me, I'm all ears, and feel free to share your experiences as well.