Why it's so important to get out of bronze leage

So I just started playing splinterlands a little over a month ago. I've been renting cards to increase my collection power and as a result I've been bouncing back and forth between bronze/silver leagues. I made the decision to stay in bronze league for a couple of reasons.

1: It's easier to win ranked battles in bronze league
2: I wouldn't have to spend the extra DEC to rent cards
3: The difference in rewards between silver 3 and bronze 1 league aren't big enough to warrant renting all that power. Bronze 1 league requires 5000 power and it rewards you with 9 chests when the season is over. Silver 3 requires 15000 collection power and rewards you with 12 (only 3 more) loot chests when the season is over.

I figured I could stay in bronze league and keep winning games. I also figured that I could even rent out some of my cards when the season is coming to a close to gain a massive profit by taking advantage of the high demand for power. This was working wonderfully for me, but then I couple weeks ago, I opened a loot chest when I finished my daily quest and I was awarded with 7 credits!!!! 7 credits is nothing! I might as well have been rewarded with nothing! So I did some further research and found out that Splinterlands made an update to their game on September 28th. The table below indicates the percentage of each corresponding reward drop for each league.

Bronze III \Novice10%0%45%45%
Bronze II20%0%40%40%
Bronze I30%0%35%35%
Silver III +50%25%0%25%


As you can see, as long as you're still in bronze league, you will always have a high percentage chance of collecting credits as a reward for your daily quest (which is essentially worthless). For this reason, it is highly beneficial to stack as much power as quickly as possible in order to level up and get into Silver league.

As a new user, I find this frustrating. Power is extremly expensive and it seems like it will be impossible for me to get any meaningful rewards unless I spend a lot of money on this game. However, this update is not all bad news. This update shows me that the developers are actively trying to think of ways to reward players who hodl a lot of collection power in order to keep the demand for cards from falling. Also, it will decentivize players from creating 50 new accounts just to get a daily quest reward everyday (since most of those quest rewards will be useless). In that respect, it is somewhat encouraging to see the game actively making updates to ensure a fair system.

I'm a little late in finding out about this update but hopefully this post will help somebody out there. I'm still learning everyday, so feel free to comment below about anything else you've found about loot chests and the rewards dropped by them!