Account Voting Statistics for the "SPS Governance Proposal - Adjust Rewards Based on Card Level"

So I've gathered the data of every voter on the new: 'Adjust Rewards Based on Card Level' Proposal

These are the results of accounts Voted For and accounts voted Against:

63.65% (6397) Accounts Voted: For
36.35% (3654) Accounts Voted: Against

Accumulating a total of 10051 Accounts voted.

This Doesn't take into account people with multiple accounts or bot farms, this is the exact number of people who voted yes and no.

As it stands the Proposal is at:

85% (157,322,751 SPS) are For

15% (28,835,640) are Against

This is actually great news for the DOA as it shows that even in a controversial matter, The accounts to the Number of SPS are Similar Percentages.

Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 00.06.58.png


I think this is very sad. This is going to be a terrible change for the game and I don't think most people realize that.

It's too bad they keep making these about things like distribution of prizes where the whales will always vote one way which gives them even more.

It's like asking the people to vote if they want more or less taxes. People would always vote for less taxes.

They should be putting gameplay related votes not this.