Splinterlands Season Report

The SPS reward multiplier is here and it's been 2 season where we are seeing the changes. I usually start with 10% multiplier and then around at the end of the season it is somewhat around 8.5%. I have not went upto Gold 3 in these 2 seasons but I feel I can play that based on the SPs multiplier I have. The problem is I don't have good cards to win most of the games and get to the Gold 3 level. This is good for me as of now but later it can reduce too so might need the SPS delegation too.

I am seeing more and more people are getting into SPS delegation, whether getting rented or renting it out. People are buying the SPS delegation to improve the multiplier. For me as of now the SPS delegation is not required but hopefully it the future I will do it.

Now coming to this season, it was not a good season where I got around 31 chests only. This is mainly because I could not get onto the Silver 1 and was playing most of my games in Silver 2 itself. The game is getting tough day by day as most of the people are playing and they are playing with good cards. For me the cards are good but only some and not all.


I tried hard to reach the Silver 1 as soon as possible, but because of the losing streak and other things I could not reached Silver 1. I have exhausted all the energy at the last day where in last day of the season i got more than 5 to 6 chests. I thought I can play till Silver 2 only but with the SPS multiplier I can get into Silver 1 too.

This season I have played most of the games in Silver 2 and that's why I could not get more rewards points. Now the only option can be to sell all the Gold Cards and buy SPS.

I target to get 50 chests per season and I got 31 chests only which is 1 less than my last season. This was not better than the last season and as usual could not reach to the 50 chest mark. My win ratio is also 0.96 which is very bad.

So I have got around 39 Common and 5 Rare in this whole season, and I have got 0 gold card. Similarly, I have gotten around 20 Legendary Potions and 13 Alchemy potions this season, and the total SPS received is 95 SPS. And I have also earned around 130 Merits. This season was not good in terms of rewards and hopefully next season will be good.

Along with that, I am continuously staking the SPS which I am earning as well as getting from the liquidity pools and thus is continuously growing for me. I have set myself a goal of 7.5K SPS and hopefully by year end I will achieve it. I have completed the goal of 6K SPS so according to the new SPS staking rule, I can play till Gold 3.

Screenshot_20230805_215627_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

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