Took Part in Splinterlands Great Burning

So the Splinterlands game is celebrating their 5 years and in that 5 years we have seen the game to developed so much. The game evolved so much and we have seen that there are so many new things introduced to make the game better and better.

Screenshot_20230610_064139_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

So to celebrate Splinterlands team have come up the burning event where you get prizes for burning a certain amount of Dec along with thar whatever you burn will become your guild power to level the guild buildings. I am not into the guild much but I have burnt some Dec to take part in thar burning event.

I have burned some Dec to get to the 10K points as everyone who burns and get 10k points or multiple of it will surely get one chance to get the prize for the burning. I did not had much of the Dec with me so burnt some of them to take part of the event.

Screenshot_20230610_065337_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

So you get points based on the amount of Dec you burn multiply by the pount bonus of that day. The point bonus started with 3 that means at that day you had to burn 3334 Dec to get the 10K points. But with each passing day the point bonus get reduced and at the last day it will become 1 that means you need to burn 10k Dec to get the 10K points. Currently the point bonus is 2.31. So its better to take part in the burn event at the earliest and reach to the multiple of 10K points.

The good thing from this burning event is that you will surely get the prize if you burn certain amount and next the Dec which is mostly used are getting burn so that most of the sale or other activities in the Splinterlands will take place in SPS.

I think it is good thing to burn the tokens so thar it can be removed from the supply and thus it can be used from the starting with reduced tokens. Unlimited supply of anything is bad to be honest. Even though I have 1x chance its ok, because I have taken part in the burning event. I will see of I can burn more Dec to get more points so thar my chances increases. Looking forward to burning atleast some Dec to get to the 3x chances to get the prize. Let's see if thar happens.