Splinterlands: Gwen's Glint Shop - Dumacke Orc!

Dumacke Orc AI art

However, after Yaalbraith left, as resilient as the pale orcs were, they fell into a brooding despair, believing their savior had abandoned them. That was when they came upon the Riftwatchers, who offered them sustenance, kindness, and kinship.

Common Draw

Today I went shopping at Gwen's Glint Shop and spent 100 Glint on a Common Draw reward.

Let's see what I got:

Dumacke Orc

Dumacke Orc

  • Quantity: 1
  • Common Gray Monster
  • 6 mana, 2 speed, 3 armor, 1 health
  • Melee damage: 2
  • Shield

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Thank you for your time!

Gwen's Glint Shop