Adventure in Bronze - Current Favorite Starter Cards for Different Splinters


I am still sorting out my crypto-wallet before I can start renting, but until then, I have all the time in the world.

After playing Splinterlands for a couple of days now, I have a better grasp of the different Splinters (definitely still room for improvement). See below for the Splinters that I have tried to play with.

Daily quests - losing matches and gaining experience

Daily quests might sometimes require you to win battles with a certain Splinter - this forced me to be familiar with each type of Splinter. Even outside of the daily quests, I tried to play other Splinters to understand how they work better and try to see which playstyle is a better fit for myself.

Learning point 1: Manage your expectation: Be prepared to lose a lot at the start.

This is especially so when you are relying on starter cards. The learning curve is pretty steep, but you will learn.

Knowledge is a currency.

Persevere and keep earning knowledge and you will eventually earn DEC (I hope).

Rocky journey to victory - Maintaining a winning spree

Honestly for me, the period where I had a winning spree was when I tried to counter my opponents' decks rather than using the deck I want to use.

Learning point 2: Learn to counter your opponent's deck by looking at their match history.

This would most probably be my top tip to share with beginners. Honestly, build a habit to take a few seconds to read your opponent's match history before you start building your deck for the match.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain from the information.

I am still trying to figure out the best counters for each deck (which deck counters which deck specifically).
(Commitment: I would love to do a separate post on deck counters when I have a greater understanding of the game)

Learning point 3: Winning sprees gives you more rating points

You would want to be consistent and rack up winning sprees rather than win some rating points and losing them in the next match. With winning sprees, you get spikes in your rating points, it can be rather satisfying. Of course, the reverse is true as well - rather tilting when you get into a losing spree. But the gist is, it is harder to maintain a winning spree when you can be easily predicted by your opponent (when you use the same deck over and over again). So, start your win spree now by countering your opponent's deck.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

(Current) Favorite Starter Cards Lineups for each Splinter

Below, I would like to share some favorite starter cards (might not be the perfect lineup) that I use for each type of Splinter, in the order of strength (perceived by myself)

1. Fire Splinter

2. Dark Splinter

3. Water Splinter

4. Earth Splinter

5. Light Splinter

Thought process for positioning

My general rule of thumb is:

  1. Front row: Tank
  2. Second row: Monster with Reach or second Tank
  3. Third row to fifth row: Damage dealers (Supporters or Melee or Monsters with higher health will be in the earlier rows)
  4. Last row: Another tank/self-heal or Monsters with more than 1 health.

(Might update this as my understanding of the game improves)

Anyway just penning this post down to share my thought process and experience, for both myself and new beginners to Splinterlands. Hopefully it helps in some way.

If you are a veteran who would like to correct/share any tips, feel free to do so in the comments down below, I'm open to improve my gameplay and thought process.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

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