Best time to join Splinterlands - Chaos Legion


Hi everyone.

I just very recently started Splinterlands and is still in the process of learning everything. But I have heard from the community that it is one of the best times to join Splinterlands because of Chaos Legion releasing (in around 10 minutes time).


I am super excited, and I would like to set some small goals for myself to achieve once Chaos Legion is released.

Since I am new, I don't plan to invest too much in the game yet, till I have a greater understanding of the game. I do plan to purchase some Chaos Legion packs during the general sale in January but until then I will just play daily and do some minimal renting.

With the new cards, it is uncertain how the meta will shift and previous cards which dominate the meta might move out of the meta. As advised by one of the Splinterlands friend that I befriended, he advised that it is better to observe and see how the meta settles before renting and climbing. It coincides with my own thoughts as well and I will continue to observe the situation (while trying to suppress my excitement to start renting and climbing).

As mentioned above, I would like to set some goals for myself:

  1. Reaching Bronze I in a month's time after the release of Chaos Legion
  2. Reaching Silver III in two month's time after the release of Chaos Legion
  3. Write at least 3 blog posts every week for a month
  4. Write at least 5 blog posts every week after a month

I shall sign off here as I join the rest for the countdown to the release of Chaos Legion. I wouldn't be able to open packs just yet but I would like to wish everyone who will be opening packs ALL THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK!