Day 2 of the 160 DEC Challenge

Today marks the second day of the 160 DEC challenge.

From the first day of renting (I intentionally rented around 1 hour after my daily quest was made available so that I can complete a 2nd daily quest), I still had enough CP to be in Bronze II.

After that I began to grind DEC through battles and also trying to complete my quest.

One learning point was that Earth Magic was getting prevalent and after losing to a Failed Summoner-Mycelic Slipspawn combo, I decided to use it in my battles and it worked as a good counter against those Earth Magic.

I also tested out the Demented Shark for Water Decks as second position after reading a Peakd post but didn't work too well for me. I felt that the Flying Squid was a better alternative in the second position with the Reach ability and high Health and it tend to win me more battles.

I also experimented with some Dark decks but still trying to figure out the right combination of starter cards.

In the end we ended with 177 DEC, we earned about 14 DEC from today. The daily reward also fetched me around 78 credits.



I think Wood Nymph will be a must-rent for my Earth Magic decks in future days of grinding, but I am looking forward to optimising Dark and Light decks in the days to come. Honestly, part of the fun was figuring new card combos and playing outside of Bronze 3 has been an absolute blast.

If you own a spellbook and have yet to invest further in the game, just drop another $0.5 or $1 to do some basic renting. A good start would be to rent 1000CP.

For those who are renting for the first time, you can use the cards you rent and it also count towards Collection Power (CP). A typical approach is to spend around 4 DEC to rent 2 Legendaries worth 500CP at around 2 DEC or more each. After that just use your starter deck to grind DEC.

I just saw some tournament videos on YouTube today and looking forward to trying my hand on some tournaments with low entry fee to try my luck at making a profit. I think it will be a good learning experience learning from the professionals even if I lose my entry fee.

Signing off here with my progress:
CP: Bronze II
League points: Silver II