How far can I progress and profit by starting with 160 DEC? Day 1


What a time to join Splinterlands with the recent release of Chaos Region.

I transferred around 160 Dec for a start to rent cards. I want to start an experiment to see whether I can make significant profits and progress across the leagues without spending much money. I think it will be a fun experiment.

Today starting from Bronze 3, I rented up to 20 DEC, sufficient for 5000 CP at Bronze 1. After weighing that renting CP to Silver 3 requires another 40 Dec (which just cost too much) I decided to just stay at Bronze I and grind Dec.

Eventually I ended the day with 163 DEC, a profit of about 3 DEC after deducting rental costs of 20 DEC. It was a net profit gain.

The whole experience took me 3 hours and unfortunately I didn't take much photos as I was too engrossed in having fun. It was my first time renting, first time moving past Bronze 3, first time experiencing the new cards, first time relying on my gut instinct and renting cards that I think would suit the meta (it was a risk), first time trying out Peakmonsters, first time renting for CP, first time trying the different battle formats. There was so much diversity.

It was a really fun experience and I would really recommend beginners to try to transfer some money (160 DEC is not much, probably a dollar or two). I promise you that it will be an entirely different experience. The amount of fun you get will be so worth it.

I opened the daily chest at Bronze I (I'm assuming the chest open only count the current league at the time when you open it, else it will be saddening). Below is my reward:


Seems like Bronze II might be more profitable to stay in by just renting 1000 CP instead of spending around 20 DEC to rent up to 5000 CP. I will try to rent to stay in Bronze II tomorrow.

Signing off with my current progress.


Hopefully it is an insightful read for those who are still undecided whether to invest money to move out of Bronze 3. I totally recommend it.