Introduction about myself

Hi everyone, I am ColdMantou and this is my second introduction post to share more about myself.

I currently hold a full-time job in the engineering industry. I consider myself a gamer and I often dabble in competitive or strategy games. As shared in my last introductory post, I have a strong interest in card games, which led me to find out about Splinterlands and eventually starting on it. Two main things that attracts me about strategy/card games are 1) Room for creativity (for example, deckbuilding, you can always build something that represents your identity or playstyle) and 2) It makes you use your brain (akin to a puzzle waiting to be solved, it is always very intriguing to me to think of solutions and explore different ways to maneuver around different scenarios).

I often consider myself a jack of all trades but master of none, as I am always intrigued in different things, from psychology, coding, business, marketing, self-development, literature etc. Whenever something captures my interest, I will be in "hard-core" mode and try my best to absorb any relevant knowledge about the subject matter. And the most recent thing that captured my interest is Splinterlands. I am trying to digest as much Splinterlands gameplay articles and videos as possible. There is so much out there but I am starting out with the basics and fundamentals as well as battles within the Bronze league. It can be tempting to learn about every single thing but to ensure that I do not burn out quickly, I am setting mini goals for myself to achieve and learn.

Writing this blog made me recalled the last time I wrote a blog post, as part of a board games module that I took in university. I was writing a strategy guide for a card deck that I designed. How nostalgic.

I think going forward, I hope to write better blog posts, make more friends in this community, get better at Splinterlands and hopefully make this a profitable hobby. I will first start small with blog posts but eventually as I become more experienced, I hope to create Youtube videos for Splinterlands as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my second introductory post.


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