Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Theme: Stone Golem

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Much water has flown under the bridge since I last posted on Hive and we are also at the end of voucher drop (for the time being, as @splinterlands has confirmed it) and I am sure you are all in the process of utilizing the vouchers to buy packs from Chaos Legion version!!!!!
As a Splinterlands die hard fan, it's fitting that, I chose to start writing back on Splinterlands related blog only and here I am with this blog for the Splinterlands Weekly Challenge of SHARE YOUR BATTLE with theme monster of Stone Golem from Earth splinter.


As we know, Stone Golem is from the earliest versions of the Splinterlands i.e. Alpha and Beta versions and it's one of the lesser used compared to the likes of Flesh Golem from the same splinter, but, it does have it's own advantages like it's the front runner when there is a Heavy Hitters rule set since this has a stun ability and can stun a monster to induce attack from self and other with double force on a stunned monster.




As we see from the above screenshot, this doesn't start with great attack since it starts with single attack, but, more than it's attack, this monster is known for it's abilities like getting shielded and also stunning monsters as those are the 2 abilities this monster has.
It's speed is also on lower side with maximum speed of 2 and hence, it's best suited for reverse speed battles.
Along with shield ability, it's advantage is that, it has armors ranging between 2 to 3 in it's 8 levels and this can be advantageous when weak magic is on.
As for as it's health is concerned, it has fair enough health starting with 6 and can range between 6 to 8 as it gets those abilities.


Battle and Lineup:



This battle was on lower side of the MANA cap as it had just 12 MANA cap and there was a single rule set of heavy hitters meaning, the stunned monster will receive double attack from all the monsters on the other side.
In keeping the rule set in mind, I selected the theme monster of Stone Golem for the front position with other monsters as in below lineup.


1. Stone Golem:

As I mentioned, the heavy hitters rule set prompted me to select this for the front position since it can stun the opponent's monsters.
This was the main monster for me although the opportunity monster of Screeching Vulture was instrumental in getting rid of all Second line monsters, but the stun from this was more important in winning this battle.

2. Screeching Vulture:

Since this was a low MANA cap battle, I am sure there will be low MANA cost monsters and hence, I thought, this will be a good addition to my lineup.

3. Brownie:

Wanted to take early advantage with increased speed with this monster's swift ability and also to increase the melee attack because of it's inspire ability.

4. Furious Chicken:

Lastly, I used this Zero mana cost monster for any possible sneak attack.

Opponent used Earth Splinter as well with his monsters being Gelatinous Cube, Furious Chicken, Uraeus and Creeping Ooze.



The low MANA cap didn't help in completing the battle early as opponent came up with Gelatinous Cube at the front and here I go with details of the battle round by round.

Round 1:

Usage of an opportunity monster in Screeching Vulture was advantageous to me as it kept wiping out the low MANA cost monsters starting with Furious Chicken.
While the Stone Golem kept attacking the Gelatinous Cube, occasionally, it even stunned the Cube to silence it from getting itself healed.


Round 2 and 3:

Uraeus was next to go for opponent just before it could take out the Brownie from my lineup. That means, the speed and inspired attack stayed in check to take on Gelatinous Cube by Screeching Vulture and Stone Golem.


Round 4:

Creeping Ooze got removed for opponent leaving him with just Gelatinous Cube to battle it out and both the monsters I mentioned above were enough to take it on with stun on from Stone Golem.


Round 5, 6 and 7:

Gelatinous Cube kept healing, but once it was stunned in round 6, it couldn't advance further as Stone Golem and Screeching Vulture took it on and removed it by round 7.
The battle was as good as over once the Uraeus got removed as that was the only one attacking monster opponent had and with that, the win was sure for me although the healing Gelatinous Cube would have been dangerous without the stun.



Questions and Answers:

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

The use of stun monster which also happens to be the theme monster for this week, was advantageous to me since without it, it wouldn't have been possible to remove healing Gelatinous Cube.
If I am not using Stone Golem, probably I think a silence monster would have been helpful here to stop the healing of Gelatinous Cube.

Do I like the STONE GOLEM? Why or why not?

I do like it, but, it's being used for specific rule sets such as melee mayhem or super sneak battles.
I do use this when I see a weak magic rule set as it's armors will be advantageous since even magic monsters needs to remove the armors to reduce main health.


That's all about this battle, it's a short but nice one and I hope you welcome me back into Hive blogging as it's been quite some time since I last blogged on Hive!!!!
Thanks as always as each one of you support me thru my blogs whether it's Sports related or Splinterlands related ones.

Thanks and Have a good day :)


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