Splinterlands General Sale Private Pool



Introduction (What is This?)

So many people might be wondering, what in the world is a general sale private pool? As the Splinterlands devs have mentioned before, 6 million of the 12 million general sale packs will be reserved for private bulk sales. That means that the hundreds of thousands of players really only have 6 million packs to split amongst themselves assuming the 6 million private sale packs get sold. That really isn't a lot of packs to go around unfortunately.

As a result, I have attempted to form a pool in order to get in on that 6 million private bulk sale packs in order to get my members their guaranteed packs along with free potions to use (as someone who has spent hundreds of thousands of DEC the past week solely on potions, you could say this is a pretty big deal lol). There is also the option of if you don't want the packs to be opened, you can use that 5% referral bonus on cards from the marketplace instead of packs.


So how are airdrops handled? Well the only airdrop that this pool is concerned about is the card airdrop from the pack buy. For that, we will go off the amount needed to get a guaranteed airdrop. So for example if the pool buys 25000 packs of which you bought 3000 packs of and the amount needed to guarantee that you get a card is 700 packs, you will get 4 of the airdropped cards and the remaining 200 chances will be pooled together with the remaining airdrop chances to split the remaining guaranteed airdrop cards. As for any extras/gold foils, they will be sold on the market and the profits will be split among all the buyers based on the amount of packs they bought.

Why are You Doing This? + Other Concerns

Why are you doing this? It seems like you aren't gaining anything from this so how can I trust that this is legit and you won't scam me?

Some people have asked me before, why am I doing this and how can I trust you with my money? These are very valid concerns and I do sympathize with it when you see something that is a really good deal. To address those issues, I shall bring up my spotless trading history, never have I ever scammed anybody in any of my trades and ever since I became a Splinterlands Discord moderator, I've even became a middleman for many trades. Here are a few screenshots to prove my claim:




As for why I am doing this, as a moderator I feel a sense to help the community out. I am also tired of seeing all the comments saying that the devs only care about the whales so I decided to step in and help new players out in an attempt to reduce these comments.

Alright you are trustworthy but can we see some transparency?

Transparency is always nice so I have included a Google Sheets accessible to anyone to check to make sure how on track we are with our goal as well as verify that all the money is there. The Google Sheet link is located in our discord which you can join here: https://discord.gg/eGh45ZpP86

That's Cool But How Will Pack Openings Go?

Some people have expressed interest in opening their own packs and normally that wouldn't be possible with potions and such. HOWEVER, I am willing to give out the posting key of my alt account to those who are in my pool to open their own packs which I can then use my active key to send all the cards to your account. That way you can enjoy ALL the benefits of opening the packs. How great!

What if we don't get enough packs for the pool?

All the money will be refunded to the buyers. This will be done after Dec 28th which gives you enough time to buy XCHAOS or wait to buy your own CL packs from general sale.


If you read this far, that probably means you are interested in the pool. Here is how much it costs to buy a single pack: $4.
YES! Just $4! Compared to the current CHAOS packs on the market for $5.4 and XCHAOS for $5.54! You save $1.5 PER PACK just by using our pool! Buying 1000 packs means you save a whooping $1500 which you can spend on more packs or more cards. Your choice!

Note: No minimum needed to join.

As for the voucher-based bonus packs, I will be accepting vouchers as well via my discord: https://discord.gg/eGh45ZpP86
at a rate a MAX 1 voucher per 5 packs for 1 bonus pack.

Where to Buy

There are currently 2 places where you can buy a share in the pool.
The first place would be by going to my discord: https://discord.gg/eGh45ZpP86
and then fill in a form detailing how many packs you want to buy and then pay via one of the ways listed there. DEADLINE FOR THIS IS DEC 25th 11:59 PM EST.

Another way is to buy through Hive Engine. Shortly after this post, I will create a token called Cornavirus's Chaos Sale Token (CCST) which will cost a bit over $4 to withdraw the funds and covert it. Also note that the price may jump higher than $4 or less than $4 depending on the current price of Hive but I will do my best to keep it updated to stay at $4. DEADLINE FOR THIS IS DEC 26th 6:00pm EST.



If you have any other questions, feel free to head on over to my discord at: https://discord.gg/eGh45ZpP86


The pool system to purchase packs is very successful in Splinterlands. I will make some arrangements in order to join your pools. Cool initiative.