Battle Mage Secrets: Armored Up


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Battle Mage Secrets: Armored Up

Hello Splinterfam! Here I am back again for this week's Battle Mage Secrets. The theme for this week is the Armored Up rule. For those of you who are new here I only own cards on a silver level and modern cards. So I would mainly talk about here on silver level perspective and about modern cards which is the chaos legion.

Before we jump into battle. Let us talk about the rule Armored Up.

Armored Up - All monsters get a +2 armor buff at the beginning of the game.

Whenever I see the Armored up rule first thing that comes to mind is to use magic attackers if I want to go on the offensive route. For the defensive route, I always go for the neutral tank Legionnaire Alvar because of his high armor and void armor ability. Plus pairing him up with a resurrect monster and monster with protect ability. As I mentioned earlier the weakness or the counter to this rule is magic since magic ignores a monster's armor so you would more likely kill opponent's tank faster. Another counter for this is the shatter ability which if a monster is hit with a monster with shatter ability the armor would be destroyed regardless of how high the armor is.

  • Battle

The rule set were:

Armored up - All monsters get a +2 armor buff at the beginning of the game.

Holy Protection - All monsters gain the Divine Shield ability which reduces the damage of the first attack received to 0.

Even Stevens - Only monsters with even mana costs may be used.

A 42 mana cap battle with Fire, Water, and Earth splinter elements available to use. I used the earth because Legionnaire Alvar is not available because of his mana cost which is 9 and not able to be used because of the even stevens rule and earth has a summoner who give shatter to all my monster. Shatter is very very useful in this situation because there is a holy protection if I hit my opponent's monster with divine shield his armor also shatter so even without damage I would still manage to destroy his armor which would give me a huge advantage over my enemy.

The line up I used was:

  • Immortalis - to give all my monster shatter ability and void just in case my opponent go with the magic route.

  • Grund - I chose Grund as my tank because of his double strike ability which would make him attack 2x in a round. 1st attack to remove the divine shield and armor 2nd attack to damage opponent's monster's health.

  • Magi of Chaos - A high magic damage monster to destroy opponent's armor.

  • Goblin Psychic - To heal Grund plus a magic attacker ignores armor.

  • Madcap Magus - A magic attacker with leech and scattershot ability. To destroy random divine shield and armor of opponent.

  • Queen Mycelia - A magic attacker that gives armor giving all my monster additional survivability.

  • Supply Runner - The additional speed never hurts. I used him so that my opponent won't out speed my monster.

The battle went well even though he somewhat countered my by decreasing my magic attack. My opponent also used sneak monster which is bad in the kind of situation in my opinion because there is a shield and armor on all my monster so it would be harder for him to snipe my low health monster. Kindly click the link to watch the battle.

Battle Link


  • Conclusion

Armored Up opens a lot of composition to use. You could use all magic monsters, monsters with Void armor ability and monster with shatter. Not to mention monsters with resurrect ability, once a monster is resurrected his armor is at its max which would take a little much longer for him to die again.

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That's it for this week's Battle Mage Secrets, Thank you everyone for those of you who gave their time reading this. Hope this helps and I'll see you on the next one.


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