Social Media Challenge: Battle of the Archers


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Social Media Challenge: Battle of the Archers

Hello Splinterfam! Here I am back again for this week's social media challenge. For this week's challenge I decided to share to you another battle, a mirror battle using archers. For those of you who are new here, I mainly play on silver league modern format only that is why all of my owned cards consist of max silver level only so I would only talk about strategies, gameplay, and battle on a silver level perspective only. With that said, let's jump into battle.



The rule set were:

Reverse Speed - Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

Going the distance - Only monsters with ranged attacks may be used.

Ferocity - All monsters have the Fury ability.

A 26 mana cap with Fire, Water, Earth, Death, and Dragon available to use. At first glance of the rule I already know who summoner to use. The summoner Fernheart allows all your ranged monster to be able to attack on the front meaning with the rule Going the Distance Fernheart is the best summoner to use in this situation.

The line up I used was:

Fernheart - I used fernheart as my summoner to allow all my ranged monster to attack on the front plus the additional 1 health is a good buff to have.

Vampiric BlossomI Used Vampiric Blossom as my tank because of his high health and decent speed.

Acid Shooter - Acid Shooter is a very nice card because of his low mana cost which is 2 allowing him to fit in almost any composition plus his health and attack damage is high for his mana cost. The only downside in using him is his scattershot ability which is unpredictable so I only use him as a meatshield.

Xenith Archer - Another 2 mana cost monster, she has a low health so she only serves as a meatshield also.

Iza the Fanged - Iza the fanged is one of the key monster in this composition because of her scavenge ability. Placing her at the back allows her to accumulate health along the battle that when she reach the front she would serve as a tank for the monster on her back.

Fungus Flinger - One of the new soulbound cards which have the Martyr ability, one of my new favorite ability because whenever he dies he would give a plus 1 boost to the stats of the monster or monsters adjacent to him. So him dying first would benefit me in battle. I placed him next to Venari Seedsmith and Iza the Fanged so if he dies 1st he would buff both the key Monsters.

Venari Seedsmith - One of the key monster. A damage dealer that with the purpose like Iza the Fanged. I placed him way at the back because the chance of him being attacked by a sneak monsters is very low since there are few ranged monster with sneak ability.

Kindly click the link if you want to watch the battle.

Battle Link


The battle went in my favor because of the positioning of my monster wherein I placed a more tankier monster than his and because of the backline Venari Seedsmith, the continuous gaining of health through scavenge made it harder for him to kill my backline. The addition of the rule Going the Distance made Fernheart one of my favorite card very usable and made some archers good and used more often.


  • Conclusion

Fernheart is one of the summoners who is best to use in the Going the Distance rule plus Venari Seedsmith and Iza the Fanged not to mention the new addition earth Soulbound monster fungus flinger that has the Martyr ability one of the new ability which I enjoy using. I am still currently trying different strategies using the Martyr ability using different compositions finding the best scenario to use it. I am gonna share it to you soon once I find it.
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That's it for this week's Social Media Challenge, Thank you everyone for those of you who gave their time reading this. Hope this helps and I'll see you on the next one.


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