Social Media Challenge: Double Martyr


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Social Media Challenge: Double Martyr

Hello Splinterfam! Here I am back again for this weeks Social media Challenge. For this week's challenge, I decided to share to you a battle about my strategy and my new favorite ability the Martyr. For those of you who are new here I mainly play and own a silver level max or almost maxed rather cards. So everything mostly I would talk about here is for that certain league only. Since I only have a low budget I only own modern cards, Chaos Legion cards to be specific.

Before we jump into battle let us know what is this Martyr ability. Martyr ability is when a monster dies with martyr ability, adjacent monster gains +1 to all stats. Meaning if you place it in between monsters, when he dies 1st both monsters gains the +1 to all stats.


  • Battle

The rule set were:

Earthquake - All non-flying monsters take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.

Aimless - All monsters have the Scattershot ability.

A 38 mana cap battle with Water, Earth, and Death splinter elements available to use. I used Earth because of the Earthquake and Aimless rule. Earth has a martyr monster while the other one is a neutral card. I could go with the Water route with having survivability because of the speed and shield Kelya provides but there is no good flying card on Water whereas Earth has Regal Peryton a very good.

The line up I used was:

  • Obsidian - I used Obsidian for the additional magic damage I want to give to Regal Peryton.

  • Mycelic Infantry - I used him because of his shield ability so that he would only take 1 damage from the Earthquake.

  • Gargoya Lion - I used him as my second tank when my Mycelic Infantry dies because of his flying ability and armor making him survivable.

  • Fungus Flinger - I used him because of his martyr ability because of the earthquake and aimless rule I am hoping for him to die 1st so that he would give the additional +1 all stats.

  • Regal Peryton - I used him because of his flying ability and high magic damage. He is the main monster card to use for this strategy to work because I placed him between to martyr monsters.

  • Venari Marksrat - Same role as Fungus Flinger boosting Regal Peryton's and Gargoya Devil's stats.

  • Gargoya Devil - I used him because of his flying ability and armor and high damage.

The battle went well and according to plan. The martyr ability for me is very OP when used properly, the only counter with this is monster with dispel ability because dispel ability, well... dispels the buff monsters receives thus removing the +1 to all stats your monster received. Click the link below to watch the battle.

Link to Battle



  • Conclusion

As you can see from the battle Martyr a very good ability if used right, Regal Peryton 1 shot-ing everybody is truly satisfying to watch on my part(lol). I always want to use Martyr whenever there is a poison, earthquake, target practice, aimless rule because this rules is where more likely martyr monsters to die first thus buffing monsters they are close with.

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That's it for this week's Social Media Challenge, Thank you everyone for those of you who gave their time reading this. Hope this helps and I'll see you on the next one.


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