Splinterlands | Bought a 80$ Gold Foil Possibilus & More!

I continue to accumulate assets in Splinterlands and other Play2Earn Games right now During this Bear Market. I already reached the 100k Staked SPS mark and moved onto completing my card collection now.

Fun Game >>> Reward & Investment Incentives

Right now, Splinterlands has more than ever become a game that I just enjoy playing without being overly concerned about what I earn or if prices are going to hold up. I do believe right now prices are kind and there is a lot of growth left in the tank. I'm also earning enough to the point where I'm able to re-invest and keep growing to wait for better times to potentially take some profit out. The entire process of collecting also remains enjoyable and I still have some ways to go. I do feel like Riftwatchers is too much for me and I'm also not letting myself get tempted to reach beyond level 5 Rare Summoners / Level 4 Epic Summoners / Level 3 Legendary Summoners.

Level 3 Regular & Level 2 Golden Foil Possibilus The Wise Summoner Purchases

This latest Legendary Summoner release is one that fully fits my favorite playstyle which is Healing and Melee-oriented. It's also the cheapest of the 4 Legendary Summoners so far while to me it feels like one of the stronger ones also in the Brawls.

I only managed to get 1 Regular Foil card from 610 Packs purchased but ended up buying 5 Extra copies to get it to Level 3 on my main account. The average price was below 13$ which is the cheapest Legendary Summoner. I guess many that went wild on packs are happy to take some profit on them while buyers are rather limited in this market. I also had my eye on a Golden Foil just to make my Alt account stronger which is focused around Gold Foil cards. It also will help me to win more battles increasing my earnings from battles and also the brawls. While I was skipping at the time it went for 100$ on the market, I didn't hesitate when I saw someone offering it for sale for 80$. I used a small part of the Hive I managed to accumulate from systematically selling the GLX Airdrop.

As for now, there are only 511 of those in circulation while similar to how the untamed Summoners were overpowered in this cycle of the Modern format, these Legendary Chaos Legion Summoners will likely give players a big advantage once Rebellion pushes out Untamed Cards. The Golden foin in particular, I bought with an eye on the brawls where there are just too many cards that I own that synergize well with it. I often play the combinatio Deeplurker + Isgald Vorst in the Brawls and Possibilus could take that to another level. This is how I inted to use it on battles with at least 38 Mana to use.

I got lucky way back to get a gold foil The Kraken which I just always kept and never sold as I use it all the time.

This is my progress on the Chaos Legion Summoners so far, I still aim to get 3 Conquerer Jacek cards but I'm waiting for potentially lower prices.
Kelya Frendul4040100%
General Sloan4040100%
Thaddius Brood4040100%
Quix The Devious66100%
Grandmaster Rathe66100%
Conquerer Jacek3650%
Possibilus The Wise66100%

Other Card Purchases

I now almost have a complete Legendary Set of the Chaos Legion Cards buying 1 more River Hellondale to get that to Level 2 with 3 more cards to go and I also bought 1 extra Djinn Muirat after pulling 1 from a reward pack. Also there I still have just 3 more to go. So in total now 9 Legendary cards left to complete all of them at level 3.

I also chipped away at some more epic cards completing my Hunter Jarx after buying 9 more to get that to level 4 despite it being a card that I rarely to never use. I also making my way up to having the Tusk The Wide leveled up buying 6 extra to get it to level 3 and I soon will buy 10 more to get the very important extra ability that gives all monsters +1 Melee Attack.

I own most if not all Common cards leveled up and didn't add many Rare cards this last month.


The accumulation and collecting process remains quite fun especially at highly reduced prices and I took the opportunity to add some really useful cards to my collection at prices that I believe will hold up fairly well during this bear market with the potential to be worth more later down the line during the next adoption cycle (if it ever comes). I still have a bit to go when it comes down to accumulating but I also continue to earn funds that I can use for that all while playing the game and having fun with it. Bear markets are for building and accumulating and that is what I have most of my focus on right now while most others are leaving the space waiting for prices to have peaked before coming back

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