Splinterlands | Buying More Chaos Legion Packs & Cards!

I continue to cost-average my way into buying Chaos Legion Cards in Splinterlands getting closer to completing my collection to compete at Silver/Gold/Diamond Level. This is a report on the progress I have been making.

I did buy a batch of 100+10 Chaos Legion Packs (Opening Results Report) while the DEC Price provided a close to 50% Discount. This made it possible to use the vouchers I got from the Rewards while getting a higher probability to get the next 5 Legendary Summoner Airdrops. If there is another drop in DEC price I might buy another batch of packs but for now I'm mostly focused on just picking up cards on the market.


I have been using HBD Earnings from blogging on Hive to get myself a Level 3 Grandmaster Rather as a price of around 21$ or less for a single card and managed to complete it now moving on to the Queen Mycella. I do have extra the extra summoners I got from the pack on the rental market for some passive DEC earnings.

Kelya Frendul4040100%
General Sloan4040100%
Thaddius Brood4040100%
Quix The Devious66100%
Grandmaster Rathe66100%

Legendary Cards

I'm not that far away from completing all Legendary cards at level 3, they give me the most advantage since both level 5 & Level 6 summoners have those as the maximum that can be played. Both Iza The Fanged and Void Dragon were trading between 1.5$ and 2.5$ so I also bought enough of those to get them at the needed level. Right now I only need 3 more Queen Mycella, 4 River Hellondale, 6 Djunn Muirat, 3 Spirit Hoarder cards to complete the Chaos Legion Legendaries Set.

FireIfrit Rising66100%Yes
FireScorch Fiend11100%Yes
FireGrum Flameblade66100%Yes
WaterRiver Hellondale2633%No
WaterTorrent Fiend11100%Yes
EarthQueen Mycella3650%Yes
EarthMagnus Fiend11100%Yes
EarthIza The Fanged66100%Yes
LifeAdelaid Lifewing66100%Yes
LifeSoul Fiend11100%Yes
LifeUriel The Purifier66100%Yes
DeathDjinn Muirat060%No
DeathCorpes Fiend11100%Yes
DeathLira The Dark66100%Yes
DragonChaos Dragon66100%Yes
DragonDesert Dragon66100%Yes
DragonZyvax Vuul66100%Yes
DragonVoid Dragon66100%Yes
DragonCarnage Titan66100%Yes
NeutralLegionnaire Alvar66100%Yes
NeutralSpirit Hoarder3650%No

I still have no intention to get the Fiend Cards at a level higher than 1 since it just doesn't give enough edge. Just being able to play a 0 mana card is enough.

Epic Cards

Most of the extra Epic Cards I collected came from packs and it really strikes me how many packs are needed in order to really build these up which makes me feel that buying them on the market is rather cheap still. I did level up my Igon Darkspear which I bought enough from a while back while they were selling for a price well below 1$. Once I get around completing the legendary cards, my focus will switch to the Epics more.

FireForgotten One52025%No
FireTusk The Wide32015%No
FireDjinn Inferni32015%No
WaterNerissa Tridawn72035%No
WaterWaver Brood102050%No
WaterIgor Darkspear2020100%Yes
EarthHunter Jarx112055%No
EarthAcid Shooter2020100%Yes
LifeTemporal Master192095%Yes
LifeDax Paragon62030%No
DeathMagi Necrosi82040%No
DeathInsidious Warlock82040%No
DeathWeirding Warrior62030%No
NeutralMagi Of Chaos72035%No
NeutralGem Meteor72035%No

I Clearly have a lot of work yet to do on these cards which generally are not crazy expensive compared to summoners and legendary cards but things do add up.

Rare Cards

I completed 3 more level-ups from rare cards. The Time Mage I needed since armor along with Speed are a big part of the meta right now and being able to reduce those for the opponent is quite handy while the cards also shines in Game Rules up to 4 mana cards. The Soul Strangler was part of the Battle Challenge a couple of weeks ago (Link) which was one of my reasons to get it at level 5. The Xenith Monk is also quite strong and useful as Neutral cards especially since I also started playing in Modern Ranked games.

FireScavo Firebolt4040100%Yes
FireTenyii Striker244060%Yes
FireDijin Apprentice234057%No
FireMolten Ash Golem254063%No
WaterAngelic Mandarin4040100%Yes
WaterMerdaali Guardian4040100%Yes
WaterRiver Nymph254063%No
EarthMycelic Slipspawn4040100%Yes
EarthRegal Peryton4040100%Yes
EarthGoblin Tower74018%No
EarthMycelic Infantry294073%No
LifeCelestial Harpy4040100%Yes
LifeTime Mage4040100%Yes
LifePortal Spinner254063%No
LifePelacor Erbalest4040100%Yes
DeathSoul Strageler4040100%Yes
DeathLife Sapper54013%No
DeathDhampir Stalker114028%No
DeathCursed Windeku4040100%Yes
NeutralXenith Archer284070%No
NeutralXenith Monk4040100%Yes
NeutralVenari Spellsmith294073%No

Common Cards

I will add the table of the Common cards in the next update as I also still got quite a while to go on those. I did this month get the Silent Sha-Vi leveled up as I like the speed most of all. The Supplu runner also is on my radar for that reason along with the


I have now been cost-average buying and collecting the Chaos Legion set for a total of 7 months straight and I'm by no means done yet. I got all summoners leveled up along with most of the Legendary cards, but still have some work to do with the Epic/Rare/Common cards not to talk about the 5 upcoming Legendary Summoners which most I will get 1 or 2 of from the airdrop. The entire process also remains highly enjoyable especially since I'm earning from withing the ecosystem as funds to accumulate more!

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That's so impressive. I have level my water summoner to 2, shall upgrade it to 3 when I can. I think reading your posts encourage me to do so. As before all my summoners were just 1. I just getting the cheapest one first. Then try dca more cards !


Nice, good luck slowly but surely building your own collection. I have always found that to be a very enjoyable part of the game. From my experience, level 3 rare summoners offer the best value as they allow level 2 Legendary cards and also work well with Golden foil cards. On my alt account I'm able to get to diamond just with them not being that far off from my main account which is at level 5.


Thanks for sharing! - Underlock#8573

Thanks for sharing!