My daily Splinterlands battle journal!!! Episode 020 Year 2023



Another good day in my ranked battle journey. However, it was pretty boring today because I couldn't open a pack and nothing remarkable happened. It doesn't matter because as part of my record process, I must assess what I do right and wrong in the battlefield. And sometimes, outside of the battlefield, I also must have patience with boring days! So let's begin with my rewards!

My yesterday's 12 reward chests had 0.866 SPS, nine merits, five Alchemy Potions, a Legendary one, an Ever-Hungry Skull, a Merdhampir and a rare Venari Seedsmith! Cool! Keep them coming while they can!

My focus today was Dragon, and although it was awesome, I couldn't take much advantage of it. I'm beginning to see some of my shortcomings with certain Splinters, and one of them unfortunately is Dragon. For that reason, I couldn't use many cards when I had the chance, and sometimes I lost battles when I forced cards that didn't work for the ruleset or they didn't fit in the battle itself. Well, this was a good opportunity to make a wish list!

I won 17 of 27 battles for a 63% win rate. Not bad, really. I had for those battles 3.56 SPS, and I hit 2,231 rating points in Wild.

Tomorrow I will have another 12 reward chests, and I won another five End of Season reward chests, 50 total!

I lost the next battle that I'm going to show you. Nevertheless, it was a good battle to watch, so you can't do the mistakes that I made! First, I wanted to fulfill my daily focus when I surely couldn't with such ruleset. "Aimless" is a new ruleset, which gives every range weapon and magic attack the scattershot ability, making impossible to hit the same card twice in a row due to the randomness of the attacks. That would be awesome if you have all those cards with an explosion ability, such as Yodin Zaku, for instance. However, I only had one of those cards and it was useless with the monsters my opponent had!

Even though I guessed right that he was going to use magic, it never occurred to me that it will be a mess trying to cover my anti magic protection. It worked a couple of rounds, but after that, I just got disarmed. All those Legendary cards! Check it out: I need to try and think hard how would I carefully counter all of that. I only can think Possibilus the Wise or Sthispa, but I'm not certain for sure. Thank you for the awesome battle, @tomtidom74! You don't seem a HIVE user, but I see you have a very active HIVE-Engine account, and although I can't prove you are a bot, the thing is you won fair and square, so I sent you 1000 SBT! GG!

A pretty slow day, but it was rewarding. I learned a lot and I'm enjoying these relaxed battling days. Let's see how it goes tomorrow! Thank you very much for reading my report. Sweet dreams to those Splinterlands fans sleeping in this side of the world and good day to you in the other side!!!

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