Why The Furious Chicken Is The Most Undervalued Card In Splinterlands!

Ok, so I've stated this quite a few times to my Splinterlands friends, and have wrote messages on why I believe the Furious Chicken is the most undervalued card in all of Splinterlands before, but now I'm going to let the community know why I believe this to be true.


So lets start off with the basics. The Furious Chicken regular foil card costs 0 mana. This means you can use it in almost every ruleset that may be thrown at you, no matter how much mana you are limited to. I believe the only 2 rulesets where you cant use the Furious Chicken are the melee attack only and the neutral cards may not be used rulesets. And even then, the level 3 and above Furious Chicken you can still use in the melee attack only ruleset since they have a +1 or higher melee attack. The gold foil Furious Chicken starts off at level 3.


Ok, so lets move onto more advance techniques of why the Furious Chicken is the most undervalued card in all of Splinterlands. So besides from it being able to be used in just about every match in Splinterlands and not cost you any mana for including it, but the placement of the Furious Chicken can make a difference between you winning a match or losing one. Take a low mana match with the health equalizer ruleset for instance. If you put your Furious Chicken at the frontline, your opponent will have to fight it before they even get to your damage dealers and the rest of your team! This is a huge advantage for anyone playing with that ruleset and with low mana. Not only this, but you can throw it on the backline if you believe your opponent will have sneak and they will hit your Furious Chicken first before hitting your main players.

You can even tank with your Furious Chicken if you play things the right way. Check out this battle where I tanked with my Furious Chicken for over half the match. https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@cr4zych1ck3nb0y/chicken-tank-to-the-rescue

With all of that being said, I still believe the best Furious Chicken in the game is this one 👇


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May your battles be prosperous!
Have a good day!