Hello World! Here is Fuzi and I hope you are all right!
Today my post is about me being me, to help people who are joining us on this game, and I think this might be a good suggestion to the Splinterlands admins to create a new challenge on Splintertalk: SplinterFunnyTalk.
I like to do everything in a good mood, as best I can, and some times, when that best is not enough, laugh about it.
For all my life I have challenged my brain while doing things, because I have some concentration difficulties, and this makes things harder to be done, some times it makes me nervous, but most of times I laugh in the end.
And, Splinterlands isn´t different, I have committed some mistakes along this two weeks playing. Even on the begining when I was creating my account. I didnt realise that I was creating my Splinterlands account on the game separated from my Hive account, so be sure you are linking with the same name your Splinterlands account, your Hive account and your wallet, or you will have to administrate many accounts, and if you have attention disorder this will encrease the chance to comit more mistakes.
I have already changed the name of the game on posts, changed cards while playing, I always forget to verify my opponent teams when starting matches.
So, this game is realy usefull, as an attention exercise, to emprove my focus on things.
If you have some Funny story to tell remember that you can comment on this post, let us laugh together and have some fun about it!
Thank you very much!
See you.
God bless us!