What if Splinterlands went from Play to Earn to PLAY TO BURN?

A Shift to Play to Burn to Raise SPS and DEC prices.


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It is a radical idea, but considering that there is an oversupply of SPS and DEC, the objective would be to reduce the supply going forward and it would be effectively executed in two different ways in one action. The concept of Play to Burn is draconian and extreme, but it would effectively take advantage of ecosystem. In fact, this is a measure that could have removed the free-rider effect that bot mining accounts have effectively achieved within 5 months of the new Soulbound Rewards system had it been implemented from the outset. Play to Burn is controversial, but it would be effective.

The Flywheel Concept

For those unfamiliar, the objective to get DEC to $.001, which would be the soft peg price where SPS holders can burn their SPS in exchange for DEC. DEC would effectively never go above $.0011 ever again. The reduction in SPS supply would necessitate a rise in price as the demand would at the very least remain steady.

The Flywheel Concept has yet to be implemented as DEC has failed to reach the soft peg figure and start the burning process.

Enter the Concept of Play to Burn


There are roughly 500,000 battles in Ranked matches per day in the past week. This means roughly 1 million parties, often the same parties, participating in these matches where one party receives a share of the SPS pool (based on their staked rewards) and Focus/Season Points that go toward Rewards Chests.

Each party in the match puts in 50 DEC to play the match (which would burn the DEC) and the winner gets the SPS reward and Focus/Season Points. However, there is a catch here as well, the SPS rewards going forward would take half of what would have been issued and burn it. This would effectively reduce half of the SPS supply that would come from Ranked battles going forward.

This concept would have the effect of burning 50,000,000 DEC per day ceteris paribus. In a given month, that is 1.5 Billion DEC burned.


  1. DEC burning at a faster rate.
  2. Ranked matches just mean more.
  3. Bringing the retro arcade feel to a PvP game.
  4. SPS supply shrinks.


  1. Bot miners may quit.
  2. Game may get too expensive for some.
  3. Doesn't necessarily fit with the Energy Caps that exist now.

It's a concept to consider and make alterations to when it comes to specific amounts, but it is tough to ignore.


I think there is some potential to this concept, but also this is somewhat short-sighted thinking. While we have a glut of these two tokens now, I think that won't always be the case. Let's give it until the halving to see if the game will enjoy another bull run before we resort to burning rewards instead of distributing them. I still like being able to accumulate DEC below peg and cheap SPS.