How to set up your PeakD NFT profile pic and about being verified


Right up front, I love what PeakD has done here! I wanted to include a step-by-step how-to showing how easy it is.

Secondly, I think it's important to understand that these "verified" profile pictures verify that you own the NFT, but they do not verify anything else, like, who you are.

NFTs are awesome

I love NFTs and feel we're so, so still in the infancy of the upstart of beginnings of NFTs. Allowing NFTs to be set as one's avatar is the next cutting-edge step.

How do I set an NFT as my PeakD profile pic?

First, I'd take a look at these posts:


You can use NFTshowroom, or, or Hive Punks, or Splinterlands.

I went through the process today with the goal of having my 8bit "crrdlx" image as the profile image. Until an hour ago, I did not have an NFT using that crrdlx image (see below). Since makes it easy to tokenize almost anything, I now have a crrdlx NFT.

Setting the crrdlx NFT as my PeakD profile.

NFT verified

The deal here is that you get an NFT verified badge.


This gif goes a bit fast. To view a slower video that you can pause and with better quality, see below (porque hoy el cinco de Mayo, lo esta bonita musica mexicana!).

View the vid on 3speak:

Summary of the steps

  1. Log into Hive as you normally do (if you're asking, "What is Hive?", see the links at the very bottom of this page)
  2. Go to
  3. Choose "My Blog", then "Account Actions", and then "Edit Account Profile"
  4. I used https://nftshowroom. If using it, under "Picture" choose the dropdown arrow.
  5. Go to and select your "Collection", then pick your preferred NFT.
  6. Click "View on IPFS" and then copy the hash which starts with a "Q".
  7. Back on, paste in the hash starting with Q.
  8. Press "Continue" and magic should happen.

An NFT lesson

There's a lesson in these cool NFT profile pics. Verified here means you own the NFT which is linked to your PeakD profile.

I think it's important to know that this does not mean other things.

It does not prove who you are. For instance, another person could use the same image, create an NFT and then use it as their PeakD profile image, complete with a "verified" badge.

Again, such a badge would prove that they own that NFT, that's all.

This is not a bad thing, understand. Proving ownership of NFTs is the absolute fundamental basis of NFTs. If there is a lesson here, it's that we must also look at the source or creator of an NFT. For instance, if I made an NFT of the Mona Lisa, people would understand that I am not Leornardo da Vinci. It would be an NFT by me, crrdlx. It would not be an NFT by Leonardo.


I love the new PeakD NFT profile pictures. :)

crrdlx 8bit image

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