My Splinterlands Weekly Battle Share Challenge With Theme- FERAL SPIRIT



Hello Friends. how are you all Hope you are well, you will be enjoying the day. I am your friend cruis . Back again with the Splinterlands Battle Share Challenge. New season has started. However, the season that passed was very good for me. Because since the new cards have come, this was the first time that I finished the season with almost 1300+ Ratings . This time the THEME card with which I completed my challenge is called FERAL SPIRIT . I used to play more with Feral spirit cards earlier. But since the new cards arrived, I used it for the first time to complete the challenge. Because this card is from Life Splinter , which makes me very difficult to play. Maybe that's the reason I couldn't use this this card.




EQUALISER - The initial Health of all monsters is equal to that of the monster on
either team with the highest base Health.
This means that if you or the opponent team has a card that has the highest health, the same health will be given to all the cards.
AND You can only choose 5 SPLINTER for this match which are Fire , Water , Earth ,
Life and Dragon .



26 Mana was given for this match.

Opponent team's Summoner and his abilities

Malric Inferno.
Ability- Increase Melee attack

Malric Inferno.pngsource

Opponent team's card position and his abilities

**1-Lava living **
Ability- Sheild: Reduce damage from Melee and Ranged attack.
Living Lava (2).pngsource

2-Serpentine Spy
Ability- Opportunity:
Monsters with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health.
Serpentine Spy.pngsource

3-Kobold Miner
Ability- Sneak:Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster.
Kobold Miner.pngsource

4-Imp Bowman
Ability- Flying:Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability.
Imp Bowman.pngsource

5-Fire Demon
Ability- No ability: Attack from any position but not from first Position.
Fire Demon.pngsource

6-Fire Elemental
Ability- Blast:Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.
Fire Elemental (1).pngsource


My Summnoer, Cards and his abilities


General Sloan: This summoner increases the range attack of his fellow cards.

General Sloan.pngsource

My card's Position

1-Chaos Knight
This CHAOS KNIGHT card has played a very important role in this match. Because its shield reduces the damage of Melee and Range attack of the opposition team. It does 2 Melee attacks.

Chaos Knight.pngsource
2- Feral Spirit
Feral spirit My theme card which I had placed in second place. It always attacks the team's last card. It is 3 Mana. Attack speed 4 and 1 Melee attacks.

Feral Spirit.pngsource
3-Divine Healer
It is also of 3 mana. With three health, always increases the health of the first place card by 3 per round.

Divine Healer.pngsource
This card has always been useful to me. Because this card provides two shields to all its teammates. This card is of 3 mana. Its health is one.


5-Pelacor Arbalest
This is my favorite card for this match. Because here does 2 range attacks twice in every round. Because the Summoner I took who increases the range attack of fellow players. So in this match it was doing 3 range attacks twice every round.
It is of 6 mana. With two health, the attacking speed is 2.
Pelacor Arbalest.png

6-Gargiya Scrapper
This card is of 1 mana. Does not attack from any position other than the first position. I took this card for the opponent's card with Sneak ability. So that the sneak ability card of the opposition team is busy in attacking it.

Gargoya Scrapper.pngsource


Here is some Battle Rounds

At the start of the battle, the Fire elemental of the opponent team first attacked my Chaos knight with 2 range attacks. That reduced his 1shield. Due to the Fire Elemental having Blast ability, my second number card Feral Spirit has 1 shield reduced. Then my Feral Spirit launched 1 Melee attack on the Fire Elemental. Then Fire Demon and Imp Browman of the opposition team made 2 and 1 Ranged attacks on Chas Knight respectively. Chas Knight's shield was reduced to 1 and 0 respectively. Now it was the turn of Serpentine Spy in which Chas Knight was attacked by 3 Melee. Due to which his health decreased by 2. Now my Pelacor Arbalest has 6 range attacks on Lava Living. In the end Divin Healer increased Chas knight's 3 health.

In the second round because every card of the opposition was able to attack. But in this round the Lava Living of the opposition team was killed. In this round Fire Elemental, Fire Demon, Imp Bowman, 2 ,2,1 Range and Serpentine Spy and Kobold Miner made 3 and 2 Melee attacks on my Chaos knight respectively. And my Pelacor Arbalest did a 3,3 ranged attack on Lava living. And Chaos knight did 2 Melee Attack on Lava Living.
In the third round, Fire Elemental, Fire Demon, Imp Bowman, once again started the attack with 2, 2, 1 range attacks on my Chaos Knight respectively. And Chaos knight ended on Serpentine spy's 3rd Melee attack. Then my Pelacor Arbalest's 3 range attack ended Serpentine. Kobold made a 2 melee attack on Feral Spirit
In the fourth round, ***Fire Elemental ***attacked Feral Spirit with 2 range attacks, Feral Spirit made 1 melee attack on Kobold Miner, ***Fire Demon and Imp Bowman ***made 2 and 1 range attacks on Feral Spirit respectively. Due to which the Feral Spirit ended. Then Pelacor Arbalest made a 3,3 range attack on the KoBold Miner twice. And that too is over.

In the 5th Round, Fire Elemental once again did 2 Range and Fire Demon did a 2 Range attack on the Divine Healer, losing two shields and two health. Now my Pelacor Arbalest made 3 range attacks on Imp Bowman twice, but missed one attack. But still his 3 health was reduced. In the end, Divine Healer increased his health.
In the sixth round, Fire Elemental, Fire Demon attacked my Devine Healer with a 2, 2 range attack. Pelacor Arbalest eliminated Imp Bowman in one of two range attacks and reduced Fire Demon's 3 health. And in the end, once again Divine Healer has increased his health.

In the seventh and final round, Fire Elemental made two range attacks on my divine Healer. But due to Elemental's blast ability, my Pelacor's health decreased by 1. And then Pelacor Arbalest eliminated the Fire Demon in the first attack and the Fire Elemental in the second attack.

Did my strategy worked?

Yes my strategy went to work. Because I watched his last 5 matches, he was constantly playing with fire Splinter. And because suppose 26 was found. So I almost got an idea of ​​what cards he was going to come up with. And because I know that according to the rule given, health will be given to everyone equal to the card with maximum health. That's why I chose Life Splinter, along with I had to complete the challenge. Because in this Splinter you (I) will get good cards in
less health. Because of Lava living my all card get maximum 6 health. I first put on a card with the Shield ability, which reduces range and Melee attack damage. In second place I put my theme card which has Sneak ability and starts attacking the last card. Then there's another Heal Tanker, the shield-increasing in third place and the most useful Pelacor Arbalest on fifth-place .Who can attack from any place other than the first position. Which was attacking 3 Range twice in every round.. Finally I put a mana card whose health automatically equals to 6 Lava Living. Because a card with Sneak Ability was definitely going to come in the opposition team. Who was busy attacking it.

Do you use FERAL SPIRIT often? Why or why not?.

I used to use this card a lot when I started playing Splinterlands. As I played and learned the game. At one point I felt like I might not be able to complete any of the quests I had to complete with Life Splinter. This card is very useful for any match. Because it is capable of hitting from any position. That's why I use this card now. Because this card is easily available in less mana. If you also play with this Feral Spirit then I think it will be very beneficial for you.

Special thanks to #splinterlands

Here is my BATTLE: