How I'm earning mulitiple streams of income playing splinterlands and talking about my journy...!!!

So if your new here Splinterlands is a play to earn blockchain game. It is for sure the most affordable to get into feel things out and join the P2E trend swiping the world ! If your yet to get the spell book and want to do that now would be the time to do so as for to follow along these steps you'll need to do so , so you can have your hive account and wallet set up. heres my referal link you can use it and you'll get a nice break on market purchases forever.
Next thing we want to do after that is download the Hive key chain , this will allow you to seamlessly transfer tokens and login to all your Hive accounts and makes life easyer for us in doing these steps that I'm about to wal k us through.
you can acsess that from this link. image.png
Next is a
really easy one, and you can make a passive income off something were already doing as we blog, battle, and research and surf the web. What I'm talking about is the Brave browser they pay you monthly for the amount of time spent on the browser so use it for everything, yes its safe and lots of people are useing it, they also send you up to ten ads a hour that you can click on see what there offering and then exit off. each add is roughly three to five cents each meaning doing something your already doing your able to make money you other wise wouldn't be getting. Here is a quick link to the down load for brave;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1632064181/RO=10/ image.png Now that we have seet up Brave we can strat reciveing payment for useing brave as well as the ads, it's my advice to click on every ad an scroll through it , ( even if you know it's something you dont want, it's free crypto ), Now we have to have a crypto wallet for the BAT tokens so we set up our Gemini account that is a wallet an sort of DeFi, you can earn diffrent APY's for diffrent coins in the earn section, speaking of thats our next step to earning more free crypto. After the five min or less set up for geminei you will be asked if you want to link your wallet to brave, yes we do bc the BAT we earn from brave will be sent there. soon as your first payment of BAT arrives it starts to gain 3.49% APY on it so theres another small extra sum to add to our bag. Once linked to brave new users are given five BAT tokens which is close to five bucks but a lil less. And yes that gose directly on top of the rest in your earn account to add more intrest and compound yeild. here my refferal link to Gemini and if you use that link you and myself will recive 10$ each in BTC into our Gemini account. then we can also deposit it into our earn account for 5% APY so there is anotherr freebie for you heres the link for that, geminihorlightfullrgb3xc21cfe67fefd5e84c5f4516b297c72fa.png Aside from the ways I stated already Gemini offers 8.75% APY on GUSD there 1-1 backed stablecoins, as well as juicy returns on other coins asswell. Now this isn't finacial advice but no bank anywhere ofers APY returns anywhere close to that and stable coins are backed by the US dollar. Makeing gemini a great idea if you got extra funds sitting around gaining no intrest may wana look into that.image.png
Next up were going to talk about, this is the place i started blogging and they make this easy and fun to start earning right away. When I done my first post i recived Hive, as well as Hive power, (which is just staked hive that allows you to earn more by stakeing and deligating more ), you can unstake it and trade it at any time however if you plan to keep blogging the more you stake the more it's possible to earn. My first payout from one blog I got the two Hive I spoke of along with a token called POB or proof of brain , neoxian, and spt for a intro blog. that put me into motion to keep going you have the ability with the hive key chain and your Hive wallet to stake them all easly makeing the next blog able to earn even more than before. image.png heres the link to get you to splintertalk,
Lets talk about SPT tokens we recive from bloging, we get these stake them so next time we blog were able to earn more than the last time hint's the Hive power. Now were blogging and earning as well ass for every SPT token we have awards us with .25 SPS per SPT so it;s a 4-1 ratio so we blog we earn, we stake we earn more SPT, from stakeing SPT were getting airdroped SPS dayly for that while stakeing all other tokens as well were earning there all the while were earning the entire time as we surf research and blog all from the Brave browser.
Another aspect to think about is seasons are short so 15 days and you earn chest's from the legue your ranked in the higher the more rewards just a example here, image.png If you can belive this I have a few more to add to your arrsenal, lol , you are given a dayly quest as well everyday , you must win five battles in a way your instructed to giveing you chests holding DEC,cards and potion as well ass packs and here and there but far an few is land. In this game you get what you put into it I feel like. One of the easyest ways to earn dayly in splinterlands is to just simply hold DEC in your in game wallet,your Hive, or in a deisil pool or other type of liqidity pool on third party exchanges such as Leo finace, or my favorit Tribal Dex. Just haveing DEC in the game gives you dayly airdrops of SPS dayly for the next 310 days. Its 1-1 point wise a 1,000 DEC is 1,000 points on the airdrop point system. And if its in a pool earning the tradeing fees and APY you earn twice from just holding DEC. There are many diffrent way to maximis your ability to earn in and through this game that it dosent make sense to not try these or other things and start your own journy in the play 2 earn trend swiping the nation and world. thanks for reading my blog more ways to earn and stratgys to try coming if you liked my walk through let me know and if you didnt let me know what to try diffrently , and if you guys got some other ways I'd love to hear about them as well.! thanks to all and good luck!image.png


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