Splinterlands and my First Twitch Stream Gold 1 to Diamond Grind!!!!!


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Today I done my first Live stream and Im super exited to share the adventure
with you all... Lil bit of statagy talk over abilitys as well as monster
combinations with diffrent mana counts. I plan to do a ton of give aways this
week for viewers of the stream and ppl who follow me to support all
the content i plan to put out very soon. An I would love for you all to join me
in all the fun were about to have!!!!! Thank you for all the great help and support
you all have given by watching and reading my conten. I am also on my way to being
ready to host my first tournament and that will be a grand accomplishment in my
journy, so stay tuned for my next updated post I personaly have tons of things in
store for allof my supporters and followers.

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