Splinterlands: Strategy Guide (Series #1)


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In this short video, we will learn about some of the counters that can be used for different Splinterlands rulesets. Each of these different battle rulesets have a unique set of parameters that can change the direction of battle and the cards that are able to be used.

Studying these rulesets and their counters will allow you to get into higher leagues, increase your win rate, but most importantly - your earnings.

Each video in my strategy guide series will go through 5 battle rulesets and their counters, this will condense the information provided so that it's easier to digest and go through at your own pace.

In this video we focus specifically on the following rulesets:
Healed Out - No healing allowed in battle.
Heavy Hitters - All monsters have the knockout ability.
Silenced Summoners - Summoners lose all their abilities.
Super Sneak - All Melee attack Monsters have the Sneak ability.
Melee Mayhem - Melee Creatures can Attack from any position.

We also go through the best way to find the cards with the counter abilities on the PeakMonsters website so that you may quickly make purchases.

This will be an on-going series that I will release on a weekly basis, until we go through all the rule battlesets.

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