Splinterlands - Earn While You Sleep

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In my latest video I sit down with Tyler from NFTy Arcade to explore their new tool, and how you can earn while you sleep in Splinterlands.

NFTy Arcade is the technology platform to manage GameFi assets and player performance at scale. Collecting in game rewards and making payments can often be a time consuming process - enter NFTy Arcade. Use their platform to interface with Splinterlands and automatically collect all in-game rewards generated from your assets and compensates your players for their performance.

This tool is a "set-and-forget" for investors, as they can easily delegate multiple decks to a number of different users, and assign a value for the Split of all the assets that are earned for the players who are playing them.

As you connect your accounts to NFTy Arcade, you will be able to visualize the performance of your assets and make better decisions.

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