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In my latest video I explore some cards which I believe are significantly undervalued considering what's coming soon to the Splinterverse.

Conqueror Jacek is the first offensive Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner airdrop card. You'll find that he is suited best for medium to max mana battles and there are now less than 250,000 Chaos Legion packs to be sold before Jacek makes his appearance.
Each pack purchased up until the 10M mark will have a zero point one seven four percent chance of receiving the card (which is roughly 1 in every 575 packs).
But players will be GUARANTEED a Conqueror Jacek card for every 575 Chaos Legion packs purchased, and each of these airdropped cards will have a 4% chance of being a Gold Foil.

The abilities that will synergize the best with Jacek include the following: blast, backfire, flying, dodge, enrage, swiftness, and slow. These will ensure you increase the power of Jaceks default stats and make him even more difficult to deal with.
Because scattershot will randomly target enemy creatures, blast is unquestionably going to work wonders here. It'll allow you to soften up a number of your opponents creatures with splash damage, making it easier for the rest of your high speed and DPS cards to finish the job.
Backfire is great also, as you're already going to have a high evade chance from Jaceks +2 speed, allowing you to essentially dispense extra damage for free.
Dodge + Flying give an extra 25% evade chance on top of Jacek's +2 Speed. This is going to be very useful considering the lack of health your army will have. The same goes with swiftness and slow. If you can decrease your opponents ability to even land a hit, you're going to put yourself in a far superior position.

Glass cannon lineups are going to be terrifying to deal with because of Jaceks offensive capabilities. Including cards which promote high dps as well as high speed will synergize exceptionally well. The only drawback being their obvious lack of health.
These following cards with blast are going to allow you to distribute a multitude of damage across your enemies lineup before a response is even actioned.

There's no denying that Countess Sinash looks great here. And with a number of her abilities falling into the category of the aforementioned, her synergy is indisputable. She has survivability with Camouflage, Swiftness will increase base speed of all your lineup by 3 with Jacek, as well as blast. This is a card that is destined for a substantial price increase once it's finished printing.

Pyromaniac is great value too. Scattershot will super-seed sneak, and his +2 speed will take him up to 7 speed with 4 damage and blast.

Fire Elemental is of course fantastic and has that blast damage and speed too, but the only drawback is the price.

Although pyromancer doesn't quite have the speed of the others, I still like this card because of the potential +3 base speed you can get from Sinash and Jacek, as well as knockout and blast. Also, a little purchasing hack here for you...
If you intend on leveling up the Pyromancer, you only require a level 5 copy at the most. This is because the single benefit Pyromancer receives at max level is piercing. And considering we already receive this from Jacek, this will add no extra benefit but will cost some $70 dollars more unless you find a super cheap BCX copy for a max level.

Chaos Legion cards with high spell damage have also gotten a healthy buff here. If you're lucky with scattershot, these cards will take out healers and support creatures in one shot because they're going to obliterate their base health.

Djinn Inferni will whack cards like Carnage titan, Chaos Dragon, and Diamond Dragon in the face. In fact, he will do enough damage to kill all of these cards in one shot because of Giant Killer and seeing as these cards are usually played on the backline; his utility has exploded with Jacek on board. But regardless whether you come up against these cards or not, 5 base health damage to backline cards is nothing to sneeze at.

My favorite budget pick right now is actually Djinn Apprentice. Once again, 4 base health damage is enough to whack-a-mole most supports for an insta-kill.
But even more, a max copy is only going to set you back less than $13 dollars currently.
Because of the fact that you're most likely running a glass cannon army alongside Jacek... cards with strengthen could give you that little bit of extra sustainability to make sure you can distribute as much damage as possible. I love the supply runner, because not only does he have that strengthen, but he also has swiftness which ofcourse synergises fantastically well with Jacek.

I also have to give a special mention here to Grum, not only is he far cheaper than the others, but because of piercing and the added speed from jacek, he's going to be able to mop up the remainder of your opposition's army once your glass cannons have laid waste. Consequently bloodlust will proc a lot more regularly, making him exceedingly difficult to deal with.

The holy grail pickup is going to be the elemental phoenix, and it's easy to see why.
It's the only card for fire which does magic blast damage. It also has high speed, dodge, flying, and magic reflect. If you're playing this card with Sinash, you're going to have 8 base speed with 50% extra dodge chance from the flying and dodge. The only thing that's going to be able to hit this card is magic, and magic reflect will curtail that anyway. At nearly $700 dollars for a max copy, this certainly isn't for the budget conscious though.

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