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In my latest video we talk about Merits & Gladius Cards and why you're going to want to be playing in higher leagues to acquire more of these to supplement your rewards in the future.

If you weren't aware, SPS rewards will soon be available in guild brawls, increasing both the competition and demand for gladiator cards due to these upcoming changes.

To incentivize players to push into higher leagues and get ready for these SPS bonuses, merits have now been added as possible chest rewards across all leagues. This will help encourage players to join guilds and participate in brawls. The Merits themselves can be found in approximately 10% of reward chests.

As with DEC chest rewards, the number of Merits received from a chest will be determined randomly. However, will on average, be found in far greater quantities in chests from higher leagues than in those from lower leagues. Which is why you'll want to push to higher leagues to acquire them.

You'll also want to know that the "Merit Bonus" from the guild store building will be applied to Merits earned from reward chests - so you're going to want to be upgrading those guild stores before these changes go live. As an example, you can see here that a level 4 guild store will provide a whopping 60% increase in Merits from reward chests.

Another important thing to note is that Gladius cards offer 2x the amount of collection power for standard cards over Chaos Legion cards, and 4x more collection power for Gold Foil cards. This is because the Gladius Edition cards provide the same collection power as the Untamed Cards Edition which is significantly higher than Chaos. This will not only help with league placement and CP requirements for higher leagues to ensure those higher rewards, but now with the SPS airdrop finishing, it will also offer you an alternative way to accumulate SPS rewards using collection power as opposed to the airdrop.

It's easy to see here that Gladius packs are a great way to increase your collection power to advance into higher leagues, whilst also preparing you for those juicy SPS rewards that are coming to brawl battles in the future. And some of these cards are absolutely devastating at max levels.

Check out the video for more information!

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